What Color Countertops Go with Blue Cabinets? (10 Stylish Choices)

10 Stunning countertop ideas for kitchen with blue cabinets Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : February 28th, 2023

Blue kitchens make a modern statement that freshens your home but you might be asking yourself, what color countertops go with blue cabinets?

Matching the right countertop colors with blue cabinet finishes is important to ensure that the look is neither a clash nor an underwhelming flop.

Some important things to consider before choosing countertop colors for kitchens with blue cabinets are the level of natural light in the room, whether your shade of blue is full or desaturated, and how much upkeep you are willing to take on.

Read on to see our most highly recommended top seven kitchen countertop options.

10 Best Countertop Colors for Kitchen with Blue Cabinets

White Quartz

White quartz countertops with blue cabinets
White quartz countertops

White quartz countertops look great with blue cabinets because they achieve a clean contrast that accentuates the units’ depth of color.

They also work to visually lighten a dark blue or navy blue kitchen, particularly when paired with a matching white backsplash.

Countertops made of quartz don’t require sealant or wax coatings like their natural stone counterparts, so require less maintenance. Since they’re nonporous, you don’t have to worry about tackling stains either.

White and Gray Marble

White and gray marble countertops with blue cabinets
White and gray marble countertops

White and gray marble countertops spell luxury. By teaming a marble countertop with dark blue kitchen cabinets, you’ll achieve a high-end look that is set to impress.

Gray-veined white marble makes wonderfully cool tonal accompaniments for gray-blue kitchen cabinets.

This tonal partnering will achieve a cohesive aesthetic that is both stylish and peaceful to the eye. Marble countertops also perfectly retain their original color thanks to their UV radiation-resistant quality.


Gray countertops with blue cabinets
Gray countertops

Gray countertops are a solid choice for a blue kitchen design but be sure to select a tonal match. Warm gray countertops should be paired with warm blue units, which are those with a purple bias.

Partner cool blues and green-blues with equally cool grays to attain a pleasing palette. Robust gray concrete countertops will give your blue kitchen a trendy industrial-style vibe, whilst synthetic options fashion a sleek aesthetic.

Cream Marble

Cream marble countertops with blue cabinets
Cream marble countertops

When paired with cream marble countertops, blue kitchens communicate a beach-like palette. Think clear skies, blue oceans, and a sandy shoreline and you’ll see why this nature-inspired palette is so complementary.

Cream marble strikes a note of warmth between blue base kitchen cabinetry and upper wall units, which can be expanded into wooden kitchen accessories, wood cutting boards, and decorative trays.

Black Granite

Black granite countertops with blue cabinets
Black granite countertops

Black granite countertops make a striking addition to blue kitchen cabinets. This high contrast choice spells confidence and culinary mastery.

Top chefs prefer granite because of its durability in withstanding heavy pots and pans, sharp utensils, and boiling liquids.

Not only this, but a black granite countertop is versatile in its aesthetic too, looking just as at home in a traditional-style blue kitchen as in a contemporary space.


Wood countertops with blue cabinets
Wood countertops

Wooden countertops or kitchen island warmly complement blue cabinets with natural beauty. Wood grain softens the look of highly contemporary blue kitchen cabinets to create a welcoming, homely essence.

Timber is also budget-friendly and is easy to repair and refinish. The downside of wooden worktops is that maintenance is required, they are not naturally waterproof so they must be sealed, and they can burn under hot items.

Black Quartz

Black quartz countertops with blue cabinets
Black quartz countertops

Just like black marble, black quartz countertops look great with blue cabinets because of their bold contrast and commanding aesthetic.

However, unlike marble, quartz is resistant to acidic substances and impact damage. A black worktop can suck up a lot of natural light in your kitchen, so consider pairing this material with a white tile backsplash to maintain a bright setting.

Darker Blue

Dark blue granite countertops with blue cabinets
Dark blue granite countertops

If your cabinets painted with light to medium blue shade, then you can try combining it with dark blue to creates a blue monochromatic style kitchen.

Even tough any kind of dark blue materials will works well, we highly recommend you to go with granite as it will looks neutral. You may also need to add some white elements like white backsplashes to avoid your kitchen looks boring.

Roman Granite

Roman granite countertops with blue cabinets
Roman granite countertops

Another warm choice that can lift up the mood and adds pop of color to the entire kitchen. The roman granite had a unique color, it’s bolder than cream, but softer than beige, just enough hues to creates an awesome visual appearances.

And since granite is a long-lasting materials, this can be a great investment for your interior.

Dark Concrete

Dark concrete countertops with blue cabinets
Dark concrete countertops

Adds a bit of industrial, rustic vibe to your blue-themed kitchen by using dark concrete countertops. This unfinished style counter looks awesome alongside the neutral blue cabinets, keeping the cabinets as the main focal point while also adding different layer of texture to enrich the kitchen.


With these pros and cons in mind, you may still go back and forth between the best choice and the most budget-friendly option. Keep in mind that there are a lot of affordable alternatives on the market that will give the look of natural stone without the price tag.

Faux marble will deliver an attractive vein without being susceptible to staining, and there are laminate options to replace natural wood.

You can even bring in just a dash of these materials via kitchen accessories, to hit the trend without committing to an expensive worktop. Whatever you ultimately choose, let your blue kitchen cabinets be the star.

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