What Color Countertops Go with Cherry Cabinets? (10 Fresh and Natural Choices)

10 Amazing countertops ideas for kitchen with cherry cabinets Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : February 27th, 2023

It is usually challenging to choose a countertop color for a cabinet. With the list of options before you, you are probably nursing the fear of making a mistake with your choice of countertop color. With a cherry countertop, though, your fear grows more about which color option is best for you.

Choosing the best countertop color for your cherry cabinet is important so the colors can make a great communication and even contrast in the kitchen. Choosing unmatched colors can result in contradicting statements, which you want to avoid.

While making this decision might not be simple, considering a few factors will help make the right choice. For example, knowing the shade of cherry for your cabinet will help, and the look and feel you wish to create in your kitchen are also important factors to consider when choosing a countertop color for your cherry cabinet.

After considering a few important factors, here are our best picks of color countertops that go with a cherry cabinet:

10 Best Countertops Colors for Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets

White Quartz

White quartz countertops with cherry kitchen cabinets
White quartz countertops with cherry cabinets

Color psychologies recommend choosing contrasting colors for any design. Since cherry cabinets are dark-toned, most d├ęcor specialists match them with a bright color. This is why you want to consider a quartz countertop for your dark cherry cabinet.

As vivid in the image above, the white quartz countertop helps highlight the cherry cabinet to create stunning contrast.

White Granite

White granite countertops with cherry kitchen cabinets
White granite countertops with cherry cabinets

White granite is also a bright color to consider for your cherry cabinet to create an outstanding contrast in the kitchen. While granite is popularly known to be a great choice of materials for countertops, opting for white granite is best for a cherry cabinet.

Also, when combined with a dark color like cherry, white creates a crisp, contemporary feel in the kitchen.

Cream Marble

Cream marble countertops with cherry kitchen cabinets
Cream marble countertops with cherry cabinets

Marble is a great choice of material that brings out the best of the aesthetic appeal of a countertop. Cream marble, in particular, makes a great match for a cherry cabinet. This is linked to the feeling of warmth cream marble creates to complement the same vibe of warmth from cherry.

Also, as shown in the image above, the cream-marble countertop, due to its light nature, makes a great contrast with the cherry cabinet.

Black Soapstone Marble

Black soapstone countertops with cherry kitchen cabinets
Black soapstone countertops with cherry cabinets

Away from bright colors, black soapstone is a great choice of dark colors to consider for a countertop, making a good match with a cherry cabinet.

Color specialists consider black soapstone as a blend of dark hues and classic veining that features a charcoal black background with a whimsical display of white patterning.

Though all natural variants of soapstone colors are a good choice for a countertop, black soapstone is an outstanding choice to match a cherry cabinet.

Beige Granite

Beige countertops with cherry kitchen cabinets
Beige countertops with cherry cabinets

One current trend in designing kitchens is the color combination of dark cabinets with light countertops. Since cherry is considered a dark color and beige a light color, choosing them for your countertop and cabinetry respectively results in a great match.

The image above shows how the beige-granite cabinet helps achieve a light feeling in the kitchen when combined with a cherry cabinet. The light color of the beige-granite countertop also helps show off colorful foods on the countertop in their best look.


Gray countertops with cherry kitchen cabinets
Gray countertops with cherry cabinets

When choosing a countertop color for your kitchen cabinet, it is always best to go for a neutral color that makes a stunning contrast with the cherry cabinet, and gray is one of these colors.

However, choosing a shade of gray depends on what vibe to create in the kitchen. For example, color psychologists advice matching a light-gray countertop with a cherry cabinet to achieve contrasting colors in the kitchen.

Regardless, since grey is not that dark or bright, it is a great pick for contrasting the color of your cherry cabinet. Also, your gray countertop will make your kitchen cleaner and more vibrant.

Dark Wood Laminate

Dark wood laminate countertops with cherry kitchen cabinets
Dark wood laminate countertops with cherry cabinets

Here is another choice of a dark color to consider for your countertop. Dark wood laminate is especially ideal for a kitchen cabinet since it absorbs sunlight. This ultimately helps give the kitchen a visually stunning appeal.

Another excellent reason you want to consider dark wood laminate for your countertop is how the color helps hide dirt. This means stains can go unnoticed on your dark-wood-laminate countertop before cleaning it.

Dark Brown Granite

Dark brown granite countertops with cherry cabinets
Dark brown granite countertops

This kind of granite can easily boost the glam looks of your entire kitchen. And since most dark brown granite are neutral, it can blend easily with vibrant wood like cherry.

This option will work best for any traditional, rustic, or classic style kitchen.

Dark Blue Granite

Dark blue granite countertops with cherry cabinets
Dark blue granite countertops

The dark blue countertops will help tone down the strong cabinets, making it feel a bit calmer. This also will be a great choice if you need to add another hues to make your kitchen looks richer.

For the best result, choose any dark blue granite materials that had some gray or black undertones to keep it neutral.

Dark Green

Dark green countertops with cherry cabinets
Dark green countertops

Or you can also try using dark green. Whether it’s dark green marble or dark green granite, both will work beautifully against the sparkling cherry cabinets, bringing some fresh and natural looks with velvet twist.


Choosing the right countertop color for your cherry cabinet is an important task in designing your kitchen. While getting it right means heightening the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, getting it wrong can forfeit the whole designing job in the kitchen.

We advise considering bright countertop colors, such as white granite or cream marble, for a cherry cabinet, but if you would go for a dark color, consider colors like black soapstone marble or dark wood laminate for their ability to hide dirt.

Also, if you need something not so dark or light, gray is a great countertop color to consider.

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