What Color Countertops Go with Oak Cabinets? (10 Interesting Choices)

Take a look at these awesome countertops color that will blend perfectly with oak kitchen cabinets. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : February 15th, 2023

Creating the best pairing between cabinets and countertops can have a strong visual impact on a kitchen, and will drastically change its style.

Kitchen countertop are a large investment, and it is worth taking your time to decide on the style, material, and color scheme that you want to integrate with your oak cabinets.

Oak cabinets can be an excellent backdrop for a variety of countertops that can help create the airy or industrial kitchen of your dreams. In this post, we will show you some of the best countertop options that not only will enhance the appearance of your oak kitchen cabinets but also make the entire kitchen design looks amazing.

10 Best Countertops for Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

Plain White Quartz

Plain white countertops with oak kitchen cabinets
Plain white countertops

Plain white quartz countertops are a classic choice to pair with oak cabinets. An engineered product, quartz is manufactured by combing natural quartz and polyresin, making it incredibly durable.

It is non-porous and doesn’t require sealing like other countertop options. White quartz is a clean, streamlined look, and can be chosen with or without veining or other movements in the stone.

It is a bright, airy option that pairs well with oak cabinets to suit either cozy coastal kitchens or sleek modern kitchens with black accents.

White Marble

White marble countertops with oak kitchen cabinets
White marble countertops

White marble countertops are one of the most classic choices when it comes to countertop selection. Marble has been used in décor and building for thousands of years and is often considered timeless.

With many styles and colors available, white marble can be accented with grey veining, gold flecks, or jewel tones, depending on the slab. Marble do need regular maintenance that will include re-sealing the countertops a few times a year.

White Sardinia Granite

White sardinia granite countertops with oak kitchen cabinets
White sardinia granite countertops

Slab front oak cabinets are a modern match to White Sardinia granite countertop. The white, black, and neutral tones of Sardinia White granite pair with the light wood tones of the cabinets to create a neutral kitchen that is best accented with touches of black.

Granite brings a natural element that cannot be recreated and is durable, stain resistant, and heat resistant. It requires annual sealing but is well worth the upkeep.

Cream Granite

Cream countertops with oak kitchen cabinets
Cream countertops

Cream granite are a great option for people who want something softer than stark white counters. Cream granite counters offer a warmth that will bring out the undertones in oak cabinets.

Cream countertops and oak cabinets would work well for those who like boho influences, or natural elements like jute and rattan.

Brown Marble

Brown marble countertops with oak kitchen cabinets
Brown marble countertops

Brown marble countertops and oak cabinets are necessities in any neutral lover’s dream kitchen. The natural elements of each pair well together to create an earthy style that is elevated with marble’s timeless influence.

Brown marble are easily lightened with more veining, or richer with concentrated color.

Make sure to look at a full slab when choosing marble as the natural stone will differ depending on which portion you choose.

Brown Granite

Brown granite countertops with oak kitchen cabinets
Brown granite countertops

Another brown that can be a great alternatives is this brown granite. It may not looks as glam as the marble, but still looks awesome when combined with oak kitchen cabinets.

It’s natural grain make this countertop feel earthy and natural, and blend beautifully with the fresh looks of the oak wood. In our opinion, this is a perfect choice for any classical, mid-century style kitchen.

Plain Black Quartz

Black quartz countertops with oak kitchen cabinets
Black quartz countertops

Plain black quartz countertop. Sleek. Effortless. When paired with oak cabinets? A modern minimalist’s dream. Durable quartz is always a good choice, and plain black quartz is a dream with smooth oak cabinets.

The dark color contrasts with the light cabinets to give the space interest and variation. Black quartz give elegance to a space with go nicely with neutral oak cabinets.

Gray Marble

Gray countertops with oak kitchen cabinets
Gray marble countertops

Gray marble countertops are always a good idea, but when paired with oak cabinets, they move into the “excellent” category.

Gray marble are the epitome of a classic stone, and when combined with oak cabinets, the final result is modern and traditional at the same time.

As with all marble, veining and stone details will vary throughout the slab, so get a piece with strong swatches of white (or even black) for some visual interest.

Gray Concrete

Concrete countertops with oak kitchen cabinets
Concrete countertops

Gray concrete countertops have increased in popularity in the past few years, and when put with oak cabinets, it’s easy to see why.

Gray concrete and oak cabinets would be right at home in an industrial-style loft. The long-lasting surface is susceptible to staining if not properly sealed every year.

However, it is heat resistant, and easy to customize, so you can get just the right shade to pair with your oak cabinets.  

Beige Marble

Beige marble countertops with oak cabinets
Beige marble countertops

Another flawless choices that you can try, especially if you had honey oak cabinets. Both beige marble and honey oak had a very similar hues, creating a beautiful harmonious looks for your entire kitchen.

The neutrality of the beige marble also helps open up the space to add another colors to your kitchen, whether it’s for your backsplashes or your kitchen appliances.

Final Words

With so many countertops, it can be difficult to decide which one will go best with your oak cabinets, but it also means that there’s just the right material and color choice out there for you! Whether you choose marble, granite, quartz (or even concrete!) make sure to do your research on the benefits of each stone type.

Oak cabinets are a great, classic choice that will easily match with a variety of countertops and you will be able to find a choice that matches your style, needs, and budget.

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