10 Dramatic Curtain Color Ideas For Room with Black Furniture

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : June 11th, 2024

Whenever you need a touch of drama or sophisticated, elegant looks for your interior, then black furniture is arguably the best option. The bold furnishings like black sofas, black coffee tables, or even black area rugs can stand out loudly and make an instant statement to elevate any interior space, and, most importantly, can be used in almost any decorating style, from classic to modern ones.

However, even though the black furnishings can be the main focal point for any space, any other small decorative pieces such as curtains can also play a big role in the final outlook.

Pairing the black furnishing with the wrong curtain colors not only will ruin the entire space but also hold up those precious black furnishings from their best appearance.

To help you unleash all of the potential of your black furnishings, here in this post, we will give you some guidelines and ideas on the best curtains colors that will blend perfectly inside any room with black furnishings.

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1. White Curtains

Living room with black furniture and white curtains

Adding some splash of white is the most common and reasonable way to create a perfectly balanced look to the black furnishings.

The sleek and crisp white curtains not only create a sleek and crisp contrast against the black items but also help make the black furnishings feel less intense.

So, whenever you feel your living room with black furnishings is feeling too strong, incorporating the white curtains surely will be helpful.

2. Light Gray Curtains

Light gray curtains

If you don’t like the massive amount of contrast resulting from the white curtains and black furniture, then alternatively, you can try using gray.

This kind of curtains can still provide enough lightness to brighten up the looks of the furniture, without being overly stark.

Furthermore, the gray curtains will enhance the elegance of the black furniture and make a space that is filled with sophistication and confidence.

3. Cream Curtains

Cream curtains

In case your black furnishings feel overly strong and leave a bad impression on the overall looks, then you need to neutralize it using some warm tone, and for this particular task, cream or ivory curtains can be a perfect choice.

These kinds of curtains still look quite light and soft, thus they won’t take over the attention from the stunning black furnishings, but at the same time, spread plenty of warmth to make any room with black furniture feel comfier.

4. Black Curtains

Living room ideas with black furniture and black curtains

On the contrary, if you feel the black furnishings don’t provide the dramatic effects that you want, then you can incorporate the black curtains to further emphasize the black elegance of your space.

Obviously, this is the only option if you need to create a flawless and harmonious connection between the curtains and other black furnishings around them.

5. Black and White Curtains

Living room with black and white curtains

Alternatively, if you feel plain black curtains can make your space feel boring, then you can try using any black curtains that have some white accents in them.

This white texture or pattern helps bring a unique visual perspective to create a different layer of black between different black items.

6. Muted Blue Curtains

Living room with black sofa and muted blue curtains

For any space that needs extra richness, the muted blue curtain is one of our favorite options. This soft, pale shade of blue brings enough tone to make any room with black furniture feel more alive, without taking over the attention and domination from the black elements.

7. Navy Curtains

Living room with black sofa and navy curtains

This is another blue shade that can work well alongside black sofas or couches. The navy blue had a similar bold and intense look as the black furnishings, creating a strong elegance in different layers.

8. Dark Red Curtains

Red and black living room

Sometimes, curtains can be a great place to add a splash of vibrant to make any space feel more alive. And when it comes to black furnishings, dark red curtains are the best option for this kind of job.

This curtain color is surely not as vibrant or bright as other options like vibrant red or intense yellow but still does its job perfectly to accentuate the black furnishings while at the same time keeping the deep and bold looks connected between them.

9. Brown Curtains

Black and brown living room

This neutral mix works well to create a stunning classical look where the black still becomes the main centerpiece, while the brown curtains support them up nicely.

Even though almost all shades of brown can work well, we highly recommend you go with darker brown to get a similar tone and produce a flawless look.

10. Dark Emerald Curtains

Dark green curtains

Green shades are surely not the best choice when it comes to black furnishings. However, if you still need to bring some fresh and natural twists to complete your black-themed interior, then you may try using the velvet dark emerald curtains.

This kind of curtains looks a bit different compared to the typical green, as it has a strong gray undertone that makes them have a lot of neutral feels, thus helping them go together with black furniture elegantly.

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