Choosing Curtains for Gray Walls

Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : May 22nd, 2024

When it comes to gray walls, curtains can be a great addition to enrich the neutral, cool-toned walls, introducing a layer of texture, color, and character to elevate the entire space. Whether it’s introducing a pop of color to enliven the subdued backdrop, or selecting a fabric with intricate patterns for added visual interest, curtains can become a dynamic element that completes your gray-themed interior.

But what curtain color goes best with gray walls?

Our designers agree that white, beige, cobalt blue, lime, blush, and sky blue are some of the best curtain colors for rooms with gray walls. These curtains intensify the elegance of gray walls while injecting a burst of energy and vibrancy into the space. They can also add depth and sophistication, drawing the eye and contributing to the room’s overall visual allure.

In this post, we will delve further into all these exciting curtain options, and help you find the ideal pair for your gray walls.

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17 Best Curtain Colors for Gray Walls


White curtains

White is arguably the most ideal partner for any shades of gray. It’s not only a risk-free and easy choice but also can bring a wonderful, crisp contrast that can enhance the visual appearance of the gray walls, while at the same time will go together in harmony with it.

Gray and white can be a perfect palette for any modern, contemporary, or minimalist interior, that’s said, it can still work well in other styles such as classic or vintage.


Beige curtains

Another perfect shade that can fit perfectly inside any room with a gray scheme is beige.

Using beige curtains can help balance out the cool tone of the gray wall to make it warmer, and finally, create a welcoming and inviting ambiance.

Additionally, beige elements can be really helpful to bring some earthy, natural looks that are essential to avoid the potential dull and boring looks that often occur when using gray as the primary color.


Charcoal curtains

This choice surely won’t work well for any dark gray walls. However, if you are using any lighter gray paint for the wall, then this can be an interesting option.

The dark gray or charcoal gray curtains will keep the gray tone flows in harmony between the walls and curtains, while still bring a bit of beautiful bold contrast to easily distinguish them.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue curtains

Blue and gray can create a unique look, as they can complement and contrast each other at the same time. Thus, using blue curtains against the gray walls is one of the best options for anyone who prefers more vibrant, colorful choices.

Any blue will works well with gray, but one of our favorites is this cobalt blue.

These curtains can be a great colorful accent to enrichen the looks of the gray walls and at the same time bring a cozy, fun, and airy vibe to the entire home.

Dusty Blue

Dusty blue curtains

If you prefer any blue curtains that can bring more flawless looks between the walls and curtains, then go with dusty blue, grayish-blue, or navy blue.

These kinds of blue had a noticeable amount of gray undertone, and because of it, they can blend seamlessly against any grey walls, while still had a similar character with any typical blue to bring a sophisticated look.


Lime curtains

One of the most common problems for any bedroom or living room with grey walls is that it lacks vibrant, punchy elements.

You can solve this problem easily by incorporating any bright and vibrant colored items like lime curtains. This unique green shade can easily grab everyone’s attention and make any room much more alive.

The fresh looks as any typical green shade can also be very beneficial to bring some earthy, natural ambiance in an eye-pleasing appearance.


Blush curtains

Blush curtains can be a lovely pop to break the monotony of the gray walls in soft and smooth ways.

Mixing the sweetness and glam of the blush with the elegance of the gray can also resulting a unique, aesthetic visual appearance to instantly elevate your interior.

However, using blush pink alone as the curtains may look a bit weird, so you need to add some other blush elements inside the room.

Sky Blue

Sky blue curtains

This option had a very similar vibes with the previous one, but comes in a completely different hues. The sky blue curtains keeps your entire space feel soft and subtle, while also adding interesting colors to enrich your color palette.


Teal curtains

Teal and gray can go together elegantly. This modern shade boost the looks of your walls, while also adds another layer of hues to make your home looks bright and colorful.

You can use this combo in literally any decor style, from traditional to a modern contemporary ones.

Dark Emerald

Dark emerald curtains

Another awesome green shades that can be a great options for any gray-themed interior. And since dark emerald had strong gray undertones, it would be easy for it to blend with any shade of gray, from light gray wall to a dark ones.

Moreover, adding dark emerald green curtains can gives your space a hint of glam, velvet twist to make the entire room feel much more attractive.

White and Gray

White and gray curtains

Let’s move to the two-tone color choices. For this kind of curtains, white and gray is obviously one of the best choices.

Its gray pattern will keep the consistency of the gray tone, while the white will help create a sense of light and brightness, and most importantly, avoid the monotonous looks that can occur if you are using plain gray curtains.

To get the best result, choose any white and gray curtains that had similar shades of gray to your walls.

White and Navy

White and navy curtains

If you are afraid of using plain blue curtains for gray wall, but still want the gorgeous and elegant looks of the blue, then this is a great alternative for you.

Yes, by using white and blue curtains, you can still have any benefits of the blue shade, while its white pattern help softens and lighten it up a bit so it doesn’t look too strong.

Using these kinds of patterns can also allow you to try any tricky shade of blue such as navy or royal blue as they won’t look too dominant.

White and Sage Green

White and sage green curtains

The same principle is applied here. The white and green curtains can be a great option for you who doesn’t really like any plain green curtains.

Furthermore, the white pattern can help make the curtains looks much more elegant, stylish, and modern compared to any plain green.

White and Gold

White and gold curtains

Adding just a bit of gold accents can really makes a big difference, especially for any room that dominated with neutral color palette.

This white and gold curtains not only will complete the looks of your interior, but also spread a glam spark to make your entire space feel glam and luxurious.

Dark Red

Dark red curtains

Dark red and gray are never fails. The dark red accents comes to add a strong pop of color to make the boring walls much more interesting.

And thanks to the neutrality of the gray, this strong accent color will looks a bit softer and calmer. Thus, even tough it still stand out, the dark red curtains won’t ruin the visual appearance of your interior.

Dark Orange

Dark orange curtains

Another accent color that works amazing alongside gray. The dark orange or burnt orange curtains will easily becomes a new interesting feature and lift up the mood for the entire home.

To make the orange hues integrated more seamlessly, you can add a few orange accessories throughout your space, such as orange throw pillow or orange wall decor.


Mustard curtains

This is a very similar option to the previous ones, but comes with a much stronger yellow hues.

Thus, not only the mustard yellow curtains will accentuate the gray painted walls, but it can also cheer up the mood and make your home feel more fun and joyful.

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