What Color Curtains Go with Green Couch? (10 Jaw-Dropping Combo)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : June 10th, 2024

A green couch can instantly breathe life into your living spaces, infusing fresh natural vibes in an undeniable charm. And that’s the reason why plenty of homeowners choosing green couch for their living room’s centerpiece.

However, since green is a tricky color, sometimes it can be challenging to find the right accessories color that can blend and complement it, including the curtains.

Given our extensive experience with numerous projects featuring green couches, we can provide you with our conclusion.

For green couches, some of the best curtain colors are white, cream, mustard yellow, terracotta, pink, and vibrant blue. These options not only harmonize beautifully with the natural, organic feel of the green but also enhance and boost the connection to nature and the outdoors. Pairing these curtains with a green couch can also infuse a strong sense of serenity and balance into your living space.

Let’s delve deeper into all these fresh curtain colors.

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10 Best Curtains for Green Couch


White curtains

Since green is a complicated color, then it can be a great idea to not overcomplicated things and keep it simple by using white curtains.

The white curtains not only will make your living space clean and sleek, but most importantly, can be a great backdrop to let the green couch take the center stage and become the main focal point of your living room.


Cream curtains

If you want to going a bit further than white but still stick to the simplicity, then you can try cream curtains. This kind of curtain color can provide the similar effects as white, but in a much warmer tones.

Thus, this warmth effects will elevate and lift up the mood of your couch to make it feel more welcoming and inviting.


Mustard yellow curtains

Bring modern pop of color to your green couch by combining it with mustard yellow curtains. The mustard curtains will not only accentuate your couch, but the entire room.

Furthermore, the mustard curtains will lift up the mood and make your space feel fun and cheerful.


Terracotta curtains

Another great color to accentuate the green couch is terracotta. This dark orange shades will join the earthy looks of the green, creating an awesome natural combo.

With plenty of contrast between them, both green sofa and the terracotta curtains will stand out and help elevate the visual appearance of your entire living room.

Light Gray

Light gray curtains

For you who are thinking that your green couch is too strong and overwhelming, then you can easily calm it down by using light gray curtains behind it.

With plenty of neutrality, light gray curtains can give calming effects to any objects in front of it, and make the entire area feel peaceful and serene. Additionally, light gray curtains can be used to bring a hint of modern twist to upgrade the looks of your couch.

Light Brown

Light brown curtains

Light brown curtains can looks great alongside green couch due to the similar earthy tones between these colors. The strong earthy looks of the light brown blend beautifully with the freshness of the green, resulting a natural aesthetic that everyone would love.

With strong contrast between them, the light brown will add some depth while also help make the couch to stand out more.

Light Yellow

Light yellow curtains

Another great vibrant choice for green is light yellow. The light yellow curtains will easily lift up the mood of your living space, while at the same time accentuate the green couch beautifully.

With plenty of brightness, the light yellow curtains can also help making the couch feel lighter and softer, and that’s why this is a great option for you who are using dark green couch.


Pink curtains

Gives your green couch a subtle hint of sweetness by pairing it with pink curtains. The pink curtains will pop easily, but since it’s a subtle shade, it won’t taking away the attention from the couch.

Additionally, this combination will create a fresh and modern ambiance with a touch of playfulness and aesthetic appeal to your home.

Dark Blue

Dark blue curtains

Combining green and blue may be a bit tricky, but if done properly, it can resulting in an amazing outcomes. Based on our experiences, dark blue is one of the best blue shades that can complement any green couch elegantly.

With strong contrast of hues, the dark blue will make the couch looks bolder and stronger, while the curtains itself will also stand out and lift up the entire room design.


Charcoal curtains

With strong neutral tone, charcoal curtain will easily allow any couch in front of it to stand out. This pair will creates a well balanced appearance, and help make the green couch feel calmer and softer.

You can try this combination to creates a stylish contemporary style living room.

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