7 Vibrant Curtain Combinations for Orange Walls

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 16th, 2024

Selecting the perfect curtains for a room with orange walls can pose a delightful challenge. This vibrant paint color can be overly dominant and will easily visually overpowering. So, you need to find the right curtain colors that can complement, rather than clash with the boldness of orange walls.

Based on our experience designing interiors with orange walls, we can conclude that white, light blue, olive, and beige are the best curtain colors for orange-painted walls. These curtains can soften the vibrant and bold walls, creating a balanced and visually pleasing atmosphere. Moreover, they can offer a soft contrast, bringing a new layer of aesthetics to the walls.

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7 Best Curtain Colors For Room With Orange Walls


White curtains
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White is a great curtain choice that never goes wrong, even when paired with an intriguing backdrop like the orange wall. The sleek purity of white curtains beautifully complements the vibrant orange, softening and calming down the wall to create a well-balanced ambiance.

Furthermore, white curtains also exude a sense of freshness and sophistication, helping make the room feel inviting and airy.

Whether you prefer a modern, eclectic, or traditional look, white curtains provide a timeless canvas that easily blends with any interior design style you like.

Light Blue

Light blue curtains
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Another great option that will tone down the vibrancy of the orange is light blue curtains. Light blue, with its soft and cool undertones, offers a refreshing contrast to the warmth of orange.

This combination brings a sense of balance and tranquility to the room, creating a visually pleasing and calming environment.

This pair works well with a variety of design styles, whether you’re aiming for a coastal-inspired oasis, a contemporary and minimalistic look, or a traditional and cozy atmosphere.


Olive curtains
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The warmth of olive green curtains not only brighten up your space, but create a harmonious combination with orange wall that had a very similar character. This color pairing infuses the room with a fresh and natural ambiance that feels both cozy and energetic.

Moreover, this option serves as a bridge between the orange backdrop and the rest of the decor, offering a balanced and natural transition, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a grounded and inviting space that radiates warmth and comfort.

Dark Green

Dark green curtains
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Dark green curtains do more than just add a touch of freshness; they infuse your space with a luxurious and velvety allure. The richness and depth of dark green beautifully complement the vibrant and warm hues of orange, creating a visually pleasing and perfectly balanced interior. This option work even better if you are using any light-toned orange, such as tangerine or light orange walls.

This dynamic color combination exudes a sense of sophistication and depth, making the room feel inviting, elegant, and truly unique.

As they hang gracefully against the orange walls, they serve as a captivating focal point, adding a touch of nature-inspired richness and creating an ambiance that’s both cozy and refined.


Beige curtains
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As a neutral, beige can easily calm down the orange, while also offering a soothing contrast to create an interesting look, even when combined with deep orange hue such as dark orange, bright orange, or burnt orange walls. Beige neutrality also helps highlight the wall, making it stand out as the big statement inside your home.

Overall, beige curtains provide a seamless and classic canvas that enhances the orange walls while maintaining a sense of comfort and sophistication, making them a wonderful choice for creating a balanced and inviting living environment.

Dark Brown

Dark brown curtains
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Dark brown curtain is a bold option that can pair beautifully with the orange walls. This daring combination creates a rich and dramatic contrast, infusing the room with a sense of depth and opulence.

The deep and earthy tones of dark brown elegantly complement the warm and vibrant hues of the orange backdrop, resulting in a visually captivating and well-coordinated interior.

The interplay of dark brown and orange can evoke feelings of warmth and coziness, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a bold living room, bedroom, or dining room that stands out with a touch of refinement.

Vibrant Blue

Vibrant blue curtains
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Adding vibrant blue accents to orange walls can be an interesting way to achieve a captivating and dynamic interior. The striking contrast between the warm, energetic tones of orange and the cool, refreshing hues of blue curtains creates a visually stimulating and harmonious atmosphere.

Moreover, the combination of orange and blue can evoke a sense of balance and creativity, making it an ideal choice for those looking to infuse their home with a bold and energetic vibe.

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