What Color Curtains Go with Orange Walls?

Colorful curtain ideas for room with orange walls Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 2nd, 2022

Choosing curtains for a room with orange walls can be a difficult task. There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from! Some people might go with a bright color like green or blue, while others might prefer something more subtle, like neutrals.

The best way to decide what color to choose is to take into account the other colors in the room and what style of décor you are going for.

The right curtains colors with an orange wall can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. When choosing curtain colors, keep in mind that orange is the dominant color in most kitchens and can be easily integrated into other rooms of your home.

While there are many different curtain colors that work well with orange walls, choosing complementary shades will create the best look.

So what color curtains go best with orange walls? In this article, we will discuss 7 colors that will be a good fit for orange walls!

7 Best Curtain Colors For Room With Orange Walls


White curtains with orange wall
White curtains with orange wall

White curtains with orange walls look amazing together! Not only do they add a pop of color, but they can also help to brighten up a room.

This is because white curtains have a light color, which offsets the darker colors of the orange wall. The complementary colors also create a cheerful atmosphere in the room.

That’s why orange is the perfect complementary color to white curtains. Not only do they look great together but they also have a warm and inviting feeling to them. This style is perfect for people who want a minimalistic look without sacrificing comfort or style.

Light Blue

Light blue curtains with orange wall
Light blue curtains with orange wall

Installing light blue curtains in a room with orange walls can create a complementary look that is both stylish and eye-catching. The colors work well together because they are opposite of each other on the color wheel. This pairing creates a sense of balance and harmony in the room.

Additionally, the light blue curtains will help to break up the intensity of the orange wall color, making it more comfortable to look at.

Adding some blue accents around the room will give it a more lively appearance while also injecting some color into a space that might be feeling a little too bland.


Olive curtains with orange wall
Olive curtains with orange wall

Using olive curtains as a way to brighten up an orange walls can be a great idea for any room. The deep, dark green of the curtains will compliment the oranges well. When paired with an orange wall, olive curtains give a warm and inviting feeling to a room.

This color combination is perfect for rooms that are light and airy, such as a living room or bedroom. The curtains can also help to balance out the bright colors in a room, making it more relaxing and calming.

Dark Green

Dark green curtains with orange wall
Dark green curtains with orange wall

Adding a touch of green to a room with a predominantly orange paint job can help to ground the space. Dark green curtains are a great way to achieve this, as they will contrast well with the bright orange walls.

Dark green curtains can be a great addition to any orange wall. The color combination is visually appealing and complementary, and the curtains create a sense of privacy.

They can also help to soften the overall look of the room. The dark green balances out the orange, making the room look more organized and updated. Additionally, green is a calming color, which can be helpful if you have an active toddler in your home.


Beige curtains with orange wall
Beige curtains with orange wall

When it comes to color coordination, orange and beige go great together. They are complementary colors, which means they work well together because they cancel each other out.

When paired together, orange walls will look warmer and more inviting, while beige curtains will add a touch of refinement.

This color combination is popular because it’s easy to put together and it can be mixed and matched with many different styles of décor. So if you have orange walls in your home, give this color combination a try – you won’t regret it!

Dark Brown

Dark brown curtains with orange wall
Dark brown curtains with orange wall

If you have an orange wall and want to balance out the color scheme in your room, consider going with dark brown curtains. This color is not as bold as red or yellow, but it will give your room a sophisticated look that will complement most any decor.

Dark brown curtains also go great with many other colors, so you can create a personalized look for your space. The brown curtain draws attention to the orange wall, while the orange wall provides a warm backdrop for the brown curtains.

Vibrant Blue

Vibrant blue curtains with orange wall
Vibrant blue curtains with orange wall

When decorating a room with orange walls, vibrant blue curtains can really bring the color together and look great. The deep blue tone compliments the brightness of the orange walls, so you’ll have a cohesive look in your room that is both modern and stylish.

Some people might think that blue curtains look great with orange walls because the colors are complementary. Others might say that the colors work well together because they create a vibrant atmosphere.

Whatever the case may be, blue and orange curtains always look good together. This kind of color scheme is perfect for rooms that are used for activities such as sleeping or studying.


In conclusion, if your room has orange walls, these are some good curtain colors to go with it: white, light blue, olive, dark green, beige, dark brown, and vibrant blue. Use these colors together or separately to create a look that is both complementary and unique.

Ultimately, the choice is yours! Whether you want something light and airy or more subdued, there’s a perfect option for you. So go ahead and give your room the makeover it deserves – with a new curtain!

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