What Color Curtains Go with Tan Walls? (10 Choices For An Aesthetic Harmony)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : February 6th, 2024

Sometimes, the tan wall can be perceived as a boring option, since it does not provide the vibrancy or visual interest as any other hues. This is where the accessories, like curtains, come into play.

With the right curtains, you can breathe a new life, and inject a dynamic and eye-catching accent to the tan walls.

After testing numerous potential combinations, we have arrived at a conclusive answer.

For tan walls, some of the best curtain colors include cream, dark brown, pale green, light blue, or black. These curtain colors had the ability to add a sense of depth and interest to the tan walls and infuse your space with character and life. Thus, you can transform your room with tan walls into a more inviting and vibrant space.

Keep reading to see all the beautiful curtain colors for tan walls.

10 Best Curtain Colors for Rooms with Tan Walls


Cream curtains with tan walls
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With a softer tone than the walls, the cream curtains provide a gentle contrast and amplify the soothing ambiance of your living space.

This option also keeps a perfectly harmonious visual and becomes a clean foundation that complements various decor styles and color schemes.

Their versatile neutrality acts as a canvas, allowing you to experiment with different furnishings and accessories, making them a flexible and timeless choice for your home.

Dark Brown

Dark brown curtains
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Tan and dark brown share the same base, but come with a completely different tone. Thus, combining them together will keep a harmonious look yet still provide a captivating contrast, adding depth and visual interest to your home decor.

The dark brown curtains will stand out effortlessly, grounding the room with a touch of refinement without disrupting the warmth of the tan walls. This is an excellent option for you who are planning to create a luxurious and classic interior.


White curtains
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White is a simple, straightforward curtain color that never goes wrong. The clean, crisp appearance of white curtains not only brings an air of freshness but also serves as a transformative element for tan walls.

By choosing white curtains, you elevate the room, imparting a luminous quality that makes the walls appear brighter and warmer. This pairing creates a delightful interplay of tones, amplifying the cozy and charming ambiance of your living space.

Pale Green

Pale green curtains
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If you are looking for a curtain that strikes the perfect balance between vibrancy and subtlety, then pale green can be a perfect choice for you.

This option introduces a refreshing and eye-catching hue that seamlessly complements tan walls while infusing an earthy touch into the interior. Pale green not only harmonizes with the inherent brown tones of tan but also has the remarkable ability to enhance them, creating a nuanced and cohesive palette.

When paired with indoor plants, the combination breathes life into the space, fostering a gentle and serene atmosphere.

Light Blue

Light blue curtains
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The pairing of light blue curtains with tan walls establishes a captivating foundation for a delightful interior space. Whether you’re envisioning a living room or bedroom transformation, the infusion of this cool color exudes a beach-inspired vibe, cultivating a serene and calming interior ambiance.

The light blue hue not only resonates with coastal aesthetics but also serves as an ideal canvas for creating a tranquil atmosphere.

The marriage of light blue and tan ensures that your living or sleeping quarters become a haven of tranquility and style.


Black curtains
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If you need a curtain that can stand out as a new statement-making decor piece for your home, then black curtains are obviously the best choice for you.

The bold tone of these curtains easily pops against the charming walls, creating a captivating contrast that elevates the visual appearance of your space.

The richness of the black hue not only adds a touch of sophistication but also establishes a sense of contemporary flair.

Light Gray

Light gray curtains
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Embrace the charm of neutrality and timeless elegance by choosing light gray curtains. This option acts as a versatile canvas, allowing the tan walls to unleash all of the understated charm.

Furthermore, the cool tone of the light gray creates a perfect balance with the warmth of the walls, resulting in a harmonious balance and eye-pleasing visual.

Wine Red

Wine red curtains
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Wine red is another brilliant choice that will give a stunning depth and contrast against the neutral walls. The deep, rich tones of wine red add a touch of luxurious warmth, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in the room.

This dynamic pairing is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves as a timeless combination, ensuring that your living space exudes both style and comfort.


Navy curtains
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The deep and sophisticated tones of navy create a visually striking contrast against the warm backdrop of tan, adding a sense of depth and richness to the room.

The contrast of these curtains against tan-painted walls not only elevates the visual appeal of the space but also imparts a sense of balance and tranquility.

The navy and tan pairing offers a versatile and enduring solution, blending modernity with a timeless color palette for a stylish and inviting atmosphere.


Charcoal gray curtains
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With a deep, cool tone, the charcoal can counteract the warmth of the tan, creating a well-balanced sophistication that is perfect for any modern or contemporary style interiors.

Furthermore, the charcoal gray curtains provide a neutral base that allows for easy coordination with other design elements, from sleek white furniture to vibrant accessories.

Whether in a living room or bedroom, these choices add a touch of sophistication, making them a great option for those seeking a stylish and balanced color palette with tan.