What Color Curtains Go with Tan Walls?

Charming curtain color ideas that blend perfectly with tan walls Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 19th, 2022

It is a common thought to ensure our curtains match our wall colors for a complete look. Curtains add visual value and help filter or block light that streams into the room. Picking the right curtain colors and matching them with your tan wall colors is important so the overall room look appears harmonized.

The following are some important things to consider before choosing curtains for a room with tan walls:

  • Color and Fabric– Do you prefer heavy dark curtains to give you a warm feel or airy sheer curtains that flood your room with light? Selecting the right curtain fabric and color that goes well with your tan walls will determine the mood and décor of your room.
  • Prints or Solids? – If you have soft furnishings with tan walls then you can go for a bold, printed curtain design. Printed curtains add visual weight to the space, so it is important to make sure you use them wisely. If you have intricate furniture designs, simple solid curtains would be a more sensible approach.
  • Curtain Length and Lining– Think about how high above the windows you want your curtains to begin. If your curtains begin well above the windows, it adds a sense of height to a small room. Tan walls with ceiling-to-floor curtains can give your room a traditional look while curtain lengths till the skirting help you achieve a contemporary look.

Curious to know what are the best curtain colors that go with your tan walls? Discover our top choices of the 7 Best Curtain Colors for your Room with tan walls.

7 Best Curtain Colors for Rooms with Tan Walls


Cream curtains with tan walls
Cream curtains with tan walls

Cream curtains are a soft toned-down approach with tan walls. The color creates just enough minimal contrast with tan walls bringing out a soothing ambience of the space.

Cream curtains can give your small room a sense of height and is the perfect neutral backdrop for any décor. Cream color curtains with tan walls exude a light, subtle effect to any room.

Dark Brown

Dark brown curtains with tan walls
Dark brown curtains with tan walls

Dark brown curtains are in demand as they have the ability to define some aspects of the room.

When paired with tan walls, dark brown is a color that perfectly anchors the room’s design and allows you to decide how much light streams into the room.

For a warm, cozy feel, you can spread these dark curtains across or push them to the side to reveal your sheer curtains and allow light to filter through the space.


White curtains with tan walls
White curtains with tan walls

It comes as no surprise that white is an elegant color that complements every shade of walls, furniture, accessories, or curtains. If your walls are painted in a neutral color such as tan, then white curtains are a great choice.

White is a pure color and plays a great role in creating a fresh, dynamic space. This light hue creates a luxurious impression and is ideal for a more spacious room with tan walls.  

Pale Green

Pale green curtains with tan walls
Pale green curtains with tan walls

If you’re looking for a light yet eye-catching color for your curtains, light green is the best option.

Light green curtains are an earthy touch to the interior and bring out the brown tones in tan walls. When adorned with indoor plants, it creates a gentle, serene atmosphere.

Light green curtains not only do a great job contrasting tan walls but are perfect for accentuating dark colors such as dark green or brown furniture, accessories, and artwork.

Light Blue

Light blue curtains with tan walls
Light blue curtains with tan walls

The marriage of light blue curtains and tan walls set the stage for a wonderful design and theme.

Whether you are designing your living room or bedroom, this cool color gives off a beach-inspired vibe and creates a calming interior effect.

This vibrant color is also perfect for a bedroom when paired with the right color throw pillows and bedsheets making every day feel like a relaxing vacation.    


Black curtains with tan walls
Black curtains with tan walls

When you pair black curtains with tan walls, it gives the room a striking and interesting look. The rich addition of black curtains on your tan walls shields direct sunlight making it comfortable for anyone who likes dark, cozy rooms.

The black color will counter the light hues of your tan walls and also bond well with various furniture shades and room décor.

Light Gray

Light gray curtains with tan walls
Light gray curtains with tan walls

For a neutral, subtle, and timeless room appearance, go grey. Light grey is a blank canvas for a multitude of colors to transform your interior into an elegant contemporary space.

When combined with dark room décor or furniture such as shades of blue or red, it can help achieve an urban appearance for your room.

Light grey curtains can make your room appear larger and more spacious and are an excellent addition to your tan setting.

Your home mirrors your personality. Tan walls are a neutral hue for your walls giving you the flexibility to experiment with lively or soft colors for your curtains.

With a palette of colors to choose from, selecting the best color for your tan walls can be daunting. We have narrowed down a list of the 7 Best Curtain Colors for your room with Tan walls making it easier for you to make your choice.

Make sure you consider the above points when making your curtain color choice to achieve a sophisticated overall room appearance.

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