8 Best Floor Colors for Cherry Furniture (Charming And Timeless Combinations)

Find out some of the best flooring colors that go well with cherry furniture. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 20th, 2023

Cherry wood never loses its charm. That’s why this sweet, vibrant wood is quite popular when it comes to furnishings. Unlike most wood which tends to have a neutral tone, cherry wood furniture can easily stand out and become a focal point wherever they are used.

However, because of its unique, exotic looks, the cherry wood furniture is quite difficult to blend with other colors or elements. And worse, pairing them with the wrong can make those beautiful items look awkward and lose their charm. So you need to carefully choose the right elements, such as the walls or flooring, that will perfectly complement the cherry furniture.

If you need new floors for your room with cherry furniture, we strongly advise considering white wood, cream marble tile, gray wood, or dark wood flooring. These flooring colors can boost the richness and unique texture of the cherry wood, and boost its appearance as the main center of attention of your space. They can also provide a well-balanced aesthetic, going together to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

You can browse all the awesome flooring color choices below :

1. White Wood

Bedroom with cherry furniture and white wood floors
Bedroom with cherry furniture and white wood floors

In our opinion, this is the best choice for several reasons. First, the lightness and brightness of the white wood floor will unleash the unique colors of the cherry wood furniture, making them look richer and more intense. Secondly, using other wood elements will keep the natural look flowing harmoniously between the flooring and the furniture above it.

Last but not least, the simple looks of white wood flooring will keep the cherry furniture becomes the main focal point for the entire space.

2. Cream Marble Tile

Bedroom with cherry furniture and cream marble floors
Bedroom with cherry furniture and cream marble floors

We love to use marble tile not only to create a different layer of beauty between the marble floors and the wooden cherry furniture but also to add a bit of glam and luxurious touch to elevate the entire space.

From different kinds of marble floors, we honestly think that any creamy-looks marble tends to be the best option that goes perfectly alongside cherry wood furnishings.

This kind of marble had plenty of warmth that is going in line with the warm vibe of the cherry wood, while still looking soft and crisp enough to let the exotic cherry wood stand out beautifully.

3. White Marble Tile

Bedroom with cherry furniture and white marble floors
White marble floors

Alternatively, you can go with white marble tile. These kinds of marble will give plenty of brightness to make the cherry wood bed or cherry wood cabinets above it look amazing.

And since most cherry furnishings tend to look a bit darker, using white marble flooring can help makes them look a bit lighter.

4. Light Wood (Hickory)

Bedroom with cherry furniture and light wood floors
Light wood floors

Light wood flooring can be the best option if you are looking for any flooring that can soften the looks of your cherry furnishings, while at the same time keeping the similar natural looks becomes the dominant element throughout your room.

There are a lot of different kinds of woods that had the perfect lightness to pair with cherry, but based on our experiences, hickory is one of the best options.

This hardwood not only had strong durability that makes it last for decades but also has a wide variety of grain and colors that makes them look unique and artistic.

5. Medium Wood (Oak)

Bedroom with cherry furniture and oak wood floors
Oak wood floors

This option is great for creating a calming and soft bedroom even though there are plenty of intense and vibrant cherry wood elements inside.

The neutral tone of the oak wood flooring can easily tone down and neutralize the strong cherry furniture and make it look softer without taking away its beauty.

6. Gray Wood

Bedroom with cherry furniture and gray wood floors
Gray wood floors

If you are thinking that your cherry wood furniture feels too strong and overwhelming, then using gray wood floors can be a great way to calm down and neutralize their appearance.

This kind of wood not only had a neutral look that makes the cherry furniture feel a bit lighter, but its cool tone also reduces the strong warm vibe of the cherry wood, creating a more well-balanced and eye-pleasing appearance to the entire room.

7. Dark Brown Wood

Bedroom with cherry furniture and dark wood floors
Dark wood floors

For you who are looking for a flooring option that is darker than the cherry furniture, then we highly suggest you go with dark brown rather than any other dark choices.

This dark flooring can still blend flawlessly with the cherry wood as they share some similar brown tones, creating a harmonious look in different depths. This dark wood floor and cherry wood furniture can work extremely well in any traditional, classical interior style.

8. Maple Floors

Bedroom with cherry furniture and maple floors
Maple floors

Maple is another unique wood that has a reddish hue in it. Thus, since the cherry also had plenty of red, they will go together beautifully to create a sweet, warm, and charming ambiance.

Furthermore, maple wood flooring also has a strong white tone that will make any room with cherry furniture feel brighter and lighter.

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