What Color Goes with Mustard Yellow Wall? (10 Surprising Combinations)

From bold to neutral: the best color combinations for your mustard yellow walls. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 2nd, 2023

Choosing the right wall decoration color usually not a difficult task, however, things can be totally different when it comes to tricky wall colors such as mustard.

This bold yellow shades may looks awesome and bring plenty of energy to your room, but it comes with some challenging homework, as this unique paint color is difficult to combine with another colors.

Using the wrong color, and you are potentially ruin all the beauty of the mustard yellow wall.

In this article, we will give you some color ideas that we’ve been found to work exceptionally well against mustard wall, we hope you can get some new inspirations to let your mustard wall looks even better.

Best Decoration Colors for Mustard Wall

Light Gray

Mustard yellow wall with light gray artwork
Light gray artwork

Since mustard is a bold and striking color, it’s a great idea to tone it down and balance it using neutral like light gray.

The understated and modern look of the light gray decor will provide a subtle cool contrast against the warmth of the mustard, creating a clean and sophisticated appearance.

Navy Blue

Mustard yellow wall with navy blue artwork
Navy blue artwork

With rich and deep tone, navy can easily neutralize the vibrant mustard, making it look more well-balanced while also creating a sophisticated and stylish look.

Furthermore, as a great complementary color to yellow, navy blue will stand out instantly and create a big statement to the entire room.

Olive Green

Mustard yellow wall with olive green artwork
Olive green artwork

Olive green and mustard can creates a fresh, earthy, and calming atmosphere, making your home a nice place to relax after a busy day at work.

It’s green hues help creates some contrast against the wall, while it’s hint of yellow help the olive green wall art or decor blend effortlessly with the mustard.

Deep Purple

Mustard yellow wall with deep purple artwork
Deep purple artwork

Add a touch of luxury and elegance to your mustard accent wall by using deep purple. This dark shade gives bold yet striking look, making it pop even against the strong mustard wall.

For an even better appearance, you can add some gold or brass accents around them.

Rustic Orange

Mustard yellow wall with rustic orange artwork
Rustic orange artwork

Bring the beauty of fall season to your home by combining rustic orange with mustard. At first, both colors can seem very identical, but actually, they had a completely different tone and character.

Thus, while they will still blend flawlessly, but still had enough contrast to avoid a boring, monotonous looks.


Mustard yellow wall with charcoal artwork
Charcoal artwork

Another gray shade that you can try alongside mustard is charcoal or dark gray.

The charcoal elements can bring a subdued, modern look and striking contrast against the warm mustard, making it look more calmer and softer.


Mustard yellow wall with black artwork
Black artwork

Alternatively, you can also try using black. This bold option will easily neutralize the vibrancy of the wall, and help creates a more well-balanced and eye-pleasing look.

You can also using black accessories to give the mustard wall some stylish, modern twist.


Mustard yellow wall with sage artwork
Sage artwork

The muted and calming look of this beautiful green shade can help creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere when paired with mustard wall.

With plenty of similarity, the sage and mustard will go together creating a harmonious looks, while still offers enough contrast to make them easily distinguishable.


Mustard yellow wall with teal artwork
Teal artwork

Another green shades that can be a great addition to the mustard wall is teal. In fact, this modern shade can lift up the look of the wall, making it look elegant with some fresh and natural twist.


Mustard yellow wall with lavender artwork
Lavender artwork

Add a touch of beauty to your wall by using lavender. This soft, subtle shade of purple can give your wall a sweet hint, while also making it feel softer and calmer.

Furthermore, this combo will easily creates an aesthetically pleasing look.

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