8 Best Colors That Goes with Taupe in Interior Design (Astonishing Combinations)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : June 25th, 2024

In the interior design world, taupe is a timeless shade that never goes out of style. This color perfectly marries warmth with an earthy-natural tone, resulting in a sophisticated and understated elegant look.

Moreover, the muted tone of taupe makes it easily adapt to a wide range of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary, making it a safe yet stylish addition to your interior color palette.

However, to bring out the best in taupe, it needs to be complemented by the right colors. And sometimes, choosing a color that can harmonize and complement taupe can be both a creative endeavor and a perplexing puzzle.

For taupe walls, some of the best complementary colors include teal, terracotta, olive, pale green, and burgundy. These colors can easily stand out against the neutral backdrop, becoming a new standout feature to capture attention. Furthermore, they can instantly enrich the soothing qualities of the taupe wall, preventing it from looking boring and monotonous.

In this post, we will explore further into all these awesome color options, and help you craft a space that’s a perfect symphony of hues.

1. Teal

Taupe wall with teal decor

This is one of our favorite complementary colors to taupe. The cool, calming qualities of teal perfectly balance the warmth of taupe, resulting in a well-balanced aesthetic.

Moreover, teal can easily enrich the taupe walls, creating some depth and interest, and finally making the entire space feel more alive.

2. Coral

Taupe wall with coral decor

Another excellent choice that you can use to complement taupe. The earthy, neutral look of taupe will be a perfect canvas to let the vibrant and energetic character of coral shine and pop, and beautifully accentuate your entire space.

Furthermore, coral can infuse your space with a fun and cheerful ambiance, making it a perfect choice for those aiming for a chic and welcoming interior.

3. Olive Green

Taupe wall with olive green decor

Olive green is a unique green shades, that unlike most greens, it comes with some yellow undertones. Thus, you can use olive green to add some vibrancy and warmth to the taupe, while still giving a touch of fresh organic look as any other green shade.

In our opinion, olive green works really well when used as an accent, as it can enrich and make your taupe-themed interior come to life.

4. Pale Blue

Taupe wall with pale blue decor

We love to combine pale blue and taupe together to create a warm yet serene interior space. The pale blue adds a touch of tranquility and sophistication, while the taupe comes with warmth and charming qualities.

Together, they easily foster a sense of relaxation and sophistication, making them a perfect pair for a peaceful and stylish interior.

5. Navy

Taupe wall with navy decor

If you need an even stronger and darker blue, then you can try navy. Navy elements can easily stand out against taupe walls, establishing dramatic elegance and depth in your space.

The richness navy hue can also be used to add a touch of luxury, that perfectly blends with the understated elegance of taupe.

6. Ivory

Taupe wall with ivory decor

Ivory and taupe form a harmonious connection, while also establishing an inviting and serene ambiance. This monochromatic duo offers a visually appealing and balanced combination, giving your space an understated luxury that suits various decor styles.

This pair will work best inside any bedroom to create a peaceful sanctuary.

7. Burgundy

Taupe wall with burgundy decor

With bold and rich visual, burgundy will easily make a big impact wherever it’s used, especially when paired against neutral hues like taupe. The taupe will be a calming canvas that lets the burgundy elements stand out, making a big statement to your space.

The dramatic and opulent hue of burgundy gives your space a touch of luxury and character, making this pair a perfect choice for classic or modern interior style.

8. Gold

Taupe wall with gold decor

Taupe and gold can be an interesting color scheme, especially for those who want to create any glam and luxurious interior space. Taupe and gold will be a harmonious and well-balanced combination, while at the same time fostering a sense of enduring glamour.

The gold’s richness easily shines against the taupe’s subtle tone, making it a new centerpiece that elevates your entire space.

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