What Color Goes With Turquoise Walls?

10 Fresh and relaxing decoration ideas that blend beautifully with turquoise wall Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 4th, 2022

Are you planning to experiment with turquoise walls but feel overwhelmed by this quirky and unconventional color choice? Don’t be, for turquoise is all the rage in interior gazettes and design circles this year, and for all the right reasons!

Turquoise is a bright and refreshing pop of blue-green energy that radiates beauty with its serene composition. It is a splendid choice to transform a dimly lit and unimpressive room into an oasis of vibrance and laid-back energy.

If you’re aiming for a nature-inspired aesthetic, turquoise is an excellent base color to begin with.

This versatile hue will bring out the best in any color combination or pattern you chose, all the while retaining its character and charm.

Read on to explore our round-up of 10 amazing color choices that pair beautifully well with turquoise walls.

10 Best Accent Colors for Turquoise Walls

Dark Blue

Turquoise wall with dark blue decor
Turquoise wall with dark blue decor

Do you want to reinvent your living room or entryway with deep and bold tones of an ocean-inspired aesthetic? Well, here’s the best fit for you: dark blue and turquoise!

Dark blue and turquoise are the perfect combination to decorate your space with a bold nautical energy. Turquoise will absorb the characterful boldness of dark blue with the elegance of a subtle and soft-toned backdrop.

Feel free to beautify this combination with other nature-inspired hues, like sandy nudes, golden, white, and green.


Turquoise wall with terracotta decor
Turquoise wall with terracotta decor

Take inspiration from the whimsical Croatian city of Dubrovnik for this eclectic combination of turquoise and terracotta. Imagine the sun-soaked terracotta roofs dominating Dubrovnik’s cityscape paired against the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea.

You can recreate this stunning aesthetic by complimenting your turquoise walls with deep accents of terracotta fabric, art work, fixtures, or furniture.

A terracotta armchair or chesterfield would work wonders at elevating the room with a domineering presence.

Light Brown

Turquoise wall with light brown decor
Turquoise wall with light brown decor

Suppose you want your turquoise walls to stand out and command the aesthetic profile instead of serving as a backdrop for a bolder shade.

In that case, we strongly advise working with light brown to design an interior profile drenched in eclectic blue-green energy.

You can sneak in more shades, such as varying tones of blue or creamy nudes to strike an earthy combination.

Dark Emerald

Turquoise wall with dark emerald decor
Turquoise wall with dark emerald decor

A divinely regal combination that strikes all the right chords of grandeur, the dark emerald looks breathtaking when paired against the contrasting tones of turquoise!

As both these colors have close-knit family ties, they make a harmoniously balanced match that doesn’t feel pretentious or overdone.

This perfectly balanced combination will fit beautifully into a retro-themed aesthetic or even a modern Mid-Century interior.


Turquoise wall with gold decor
Turquoise wall with gold decor

Gold does such a wonderful job of elevating the serene energy of turquoise with a delightful pop of sunkissed glamor.

Some homeowners like to go big with gold to give their room a glamorous pop of opulence, while others believe that less is more, and play up gold accents instead of bold displays.

When working with a color as overpowering as gold, it’s wise to understand your vision and create a functional profile.

Vibrant Green

Turquoise wall with vibrant green decor
Turquoise wall with vibrant green decor

Here’s another nature-inspired aesthetic to reinvent your living space with a free-spirited beach-like ambiance: pair your turquoise walls with refreshing notes of vibrant green.

Take inspiration from the turquoise blue waters of the river gliding against the verdant green riverbanks. You can recreate this beautiful nature-themed profile with a pair of green chairs, heaps of potted plants, or artwork.

Pale Yellow

Turquoise wall with pale yellow decor
Turquoise wall with pale yellow decor

Let the invigorating yet subdued energy of pale yellow illuminate your turquoise walls for a much more vibrant and brighter effect!

Pale yellow is such a delightful color to amplify the brightness of turquoise by drawing in ample sunlight and filling the room with illumination.

This combination is a splendid choice for a sunroom, home office, living room, and even the dining area.

Dark Brown

Turuqoise wall with dark brown decor
Turuqoise wall with dark brown decor

Dark brown is a characterful hue that radiates serenity and charm with its subdued and earthy profile. Pairing it with a shade as bright and light-hearted as turquoise will strike a balanced composition, typical of light-and-dark combinations.

Suppose you’re skeptical about choosing a quirky hue like turquoise after years of loyalty to plain white walls. In that case, this combination will create a nicely blended appeal to set your fears to rest. Dark brown is a highly recommended color for furniture, especially sofas, chairs, and coffee tables.

Canary Yellow

Turquoise wall with canary yellow decor
Turquoise wall with canary yellow decor

The sunkissed energy and chirpy vibrance of canary yellow are infectious, and this color looks divinely bright when paired with the quirky ambiance of turquoise walls.

Homeowners eager to create a bold, vibrant and eclectic bohemian space will find this combination a remarkable choice to add an abundance of patterns, prints, and textures.

This free-spirited combination exudes a delightful burst of positive energy, perfect for transforming a dull room into a beautifully vibrant space. You can strike this magic with a rug, a coffee table, a head-turning painting, or even a beautiful tapestry.


Turquoise wall with black decor
Turquoise wall with black decor

Are you aiming for a tastefully elegant aesthetic? If so, consider dressing up your turquoise walls with the sophisticated charm of black! The deep and dark strokes of black will elevate the vibrance and quirkiness of turquoise with a contemporary chicness.

You can add subtle shades of black with artwork or fixtures or go heavy with a black sofa and coffee table. It all boils down to the effect you wish to create. Black furniture is a functional choice, given the minimal maintenance needs of this versatile shade.

Final Thoughts

Turquoise is a super-functional and endlessly versatile backdrop that blends seamlessly well with other colors, dark or light. However, when working with a color that has an eye-popping energy and distinctive attitude, it’s wise to deliberate and finalize your aesthetic vision.

The first question to ask is, do you want turquoise to stand out or blend into the background? Once you ponder over this question, your artistic vision will start unfolding, allowing you to conjure the entire space you wish to design. Then, you can set about pairing and layering shades to achieve your envisioned aesthetic.

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