What Color Grout Goes with Gray Tile?

Awesome grout color ideas for gray tile Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 19th, 2022

Choosing the right grout color doesn’t always seem important when installing tile. In reality though, grout color can greatly impact the look of your tile and the surrounding areas.

The look of same grout color can vary when used with differently colored tile, so make sure to lay a sample down prior to committing to the grout color.

Make sure you see it in different lights, and at different time of day. It can also change how it looks depending on if you’re using it horizontally on the floor, or vertically on walls.

Gray tiles can be tricky to match, as grays can often pull blue, green, yellow or red, depending on their surrounding elements.

Luckily, there are many grout options that work well with gray tile, it’s just about finding the one that works best for your room and design.

5 Best Grout Colors for Gray Tile


Gray tile with white grout
Gray tile with white grout

A crisp classic color, white grout works well with gray tiles in rooms that don’t require a lot of cleaning, and where you want to see the clear outline between tiles.

A timeless choice, white grout will require more upkeep than other colors, but is often worth the extra effort.

The bright color against a gray tile creates a nice contrast, and is particularly effective in making complicated layout patterns stand out.


Gray tile with black grout
Gray tile with black grout

Black grout is an excellent option for rooms that use gray tile in a monochrome or sleek design. The deep nature of black acts as a grounding element, and makes the flooring feel strong, and echoes a deliberate design.

Black grout and gray tile would pair well with other white, black or gray elements to create a sophisticated palette.

Light Gray

Gray tile with light gray grout
Gray tile with light gray grout

Light gray grout against gray tile will create the illusion of a seamless floor across its installed expanse. The light gray would blend into the gray tile, and would let the tile’s design stand out, without being broken up with grout lines.

The soft gray is another good choice for monochromatic style that doesn’t require the commitment of black, which some can feel is too strong.

Like the gray tiles, gray grout has different undertones that can be pulled out depending on the surrounding pieces.


Gray tile with beige grout
Gray tile with beige grout

Beige grout is the perfect alternative to white grout. It doesn’t require the same level of upkeep to get it sparkling, but acts as a brightening agent against the cool palette of the gray tile.

Beige grout is an excellent choice for a natural color palette infused with grays, greens and cream.

Before committing to beige grout, do a test to make sure your gray tile doesn’t read yellow against it.  

Dark Brown

Gray tile with dark brown grout
Gray tile with dark brown grout

Dark brown grout is another great alternative to the traditional choice of black grout. While dark in color, it adds a softness that black sometimes lacks.

It can act as a neutral in a variety of design schemes, and would pair well in boho rooms with a focus on natural fibers and colors pulled from nature.

Dark brown grout will let layout patterns stand out, without creating harsh lines between the tiles.


Don’t overlook the importance of grout choice when installing gray tiles in your home. Homeowners often think that choosing the tile is the only decision they need to make, but grout and tile installation pattern are impactful elements that should be considered.

Gray tile is a classic choice that is integrated in many design styles, and can beautifully pair with a number of different grout options.

Take your time choosing the right grout color, it will be yet another element in the room of your dreams.

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