6 Hardware Color Choices for Bold Black Cabinets

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : June 25th, 2024

If you need a cabinet color that will instantly transform the entire visual for your kitchen, look no further than black cabinets. A bold choice that strikes modern elegance, providing a captivating and sophisticated canvas for your culinary haven.

To allow the black cabinetry to unleash all of its potential, every single detail needs to be considered carefully, including the hardware selection. In this post, we’ll be guiding you toward an array of hardware options that can unveil the true potential of your black cabinets.

Polished chrome, antique brass, matte white, gold, and copper are some of the best hardware colors for black cabinets. They can give a striking dramatic visual to the cabinetry, adding plenty of richness and stunning contrast that boost the appearance of the black cabinets. Moreover, they give your cabinets a hint of luxury twist, taking the whole kitchen to a new level.

Continue reading as we will unveil all the keys to making your black cabinets shine in all their captivating glory!

1. Polished Chrome

Black cabinets with polished chrome hardware

When it comes to black cabinetry, the sleek metallic finishes of the polished chrome hardware cannot be beaten by other options.

Providing a modern and sleek contrast, this option will give the black cabinets a touch of contemporary elegance, while also boosting the bold appeal of the cabinetry.

2. Antique Brass

Black cabinets with antique brass hardware

If you want to use black cabinets inside a rustic or vintage interior, then using antique brass hardware is surely the best choice. The rich tone of the antique brass gives the black cabinets some warmth.

Furthermore, this beautiful option will introduce a touch of charming nostalgia to your black cabinets, while adding a hint of luxury twist.

3. Matte Black

Black cabinets with matte black hardware

Embrace the boldness of your black cabinets by using matte black hardware. The matte black hardware seamlessly blends with the cabinets, crafting an elegant monochromatic aesthetic.

4. Matte White

Black cabinets with matte white hardware

If you need to give some clean contrast to the cabinets, then matte white hardware may be the best option for you.

The sleek and purity of matte white hardware provide a dramatic contrast against the cabinets, making the hardware shine without disrupting the elegance of black.

5. Gold

Black cabinets with gold hardware

Add a glam luxury twist to your black-themed kitchen by using gold hardware. This option not only lends a sense of luxury to the dark cabinetry but also creates an opulent contrast, allowing the entire cabinets to shine as the focal point of your kitchen.

6. Copper

Black cabinets with copper hardware

If you need a non-mainstream choice that adds a unique visual aesthetic to your black cabinets, then you can try using copper.

The combination of black cabinets with copper hardware crafts an eye-catching contrast, bringing a hint of glam touch to your culinary space.

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