8 Headboard Color Inspirations That Complement Gray Walls

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

When it comes to bedroom walls, gray is one of the most popular choices that is used by a lot of people. Not only the gray walls can create a calming and soothing atmosphere inside the bedroom, but they can also become a great versatile choice that can blend with literally any interior style or color.

However, although it’s versatility, we often hear people struggling to decide on the right headboard color that will blend and complement the gray walls.

This is very reasonable not only because too many options can lead to overwhelming, but the headboard acts a bit different compared to any other bedroom elements.

So, what color headboard goes with gray walls?

For a bedroom with gray walls, headboard colors like white, cream, sage, navy, or black can be the best options. The white and cream can provide a sleek canvas, allowing the gray wall to spread all of its elegance. On the other side, sage, navy, or black can infuse the bedroom’s atmosphere with some richness or boldness, adding more depth and drama while still keeping a flawless connection to the gray-painted walls.

Here we will explore and dive deeper into these best headboard colors for gray walls that will help enhance your bedroom’s overall look and feel. Let’s dive in.

1. White

White headboard
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White headboard is one of the most popular choices for a gray-themed bedroom. Firstly, it’s a classic and timeless option that will never go out of style. Secondly, white and gray can blend effortlessly to create a clean and crisp look.

Lastly, a white headboard can help brighten up your space, and that’s why this headboard can be very beneficial for any bedroom that doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

2. Cream

Cream headboard
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Alternatively, you can try using cream headboard. This kind of headboard can bring a lot of similarity to white but in a much warmer appearance.

The cream can also become a great option if you are using any cool-toned gray paint for your wall, so you can have a much more balanced ambiance.

3. Sage

Sage headboard
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If you need a headboard to enrich your gray bedroom, then sage is one of our highly recommended options. It still has the soft and subtle color that works flawlessly with gray walls, while at the same time offering some fresh hues to enrich your bedroom.

However, these kinds of headboards may be a bit difficult to find, so you may need some extra effort to find it or create a custom one.

4. Navy

Navy headboard
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For you who want to make your headboard a centerpiece of your bedroom, then this can be the best choice for you. With rich and deep hues, the navy headboard will easily create a striking contrast against gray walls, making it stand out elegantly as the focal point of the room.

Navy headboard can also add a sense of depth and drama to make the bedroom look much more alive.

5. Black

Black headboard
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Another awesome bold choice that looks amazing with gray is black headboard. The black headboard can work even better if you are using plenty of black elements throughout your bedroom, creating a black connection that contrasts elegantly against the gray walls.

The black and gray is a perfect recipe for an ultra-modern and stylish bedroom.

6. Darker Gray

Dark gray headboard
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If you are using light gray to paint your bedroom walls, then it can be a great idea to use a dark gray headboard. This will keep the consistency between different elements inside your bedroom, and create an elegant monochromatic design.

The seamless transition between the headboard and the wall will look amazing and add interest to your space.

7. Dark Brown

Dark brown headboard
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Oftentimes, the gray-themed bedroom may feel a bit boring, but it can easily fixed by using strong and rich colors such as dark brown.

The dark brown headboard can easily create a beautiful contrast with gray walls and becomes a new interesting focal point of your room. Furthermore, a dark brown headboard can evoke plenty of warmth and a welcoming ambiance.

8. Dark Green

Dark green headboard
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Dark green headboard can be a great choice not only to revamp your gray bedroom visual appearance, but also to enrich and bring strong freshness to your space. This option can also help bring some glam and luxurious velvety senses, while still looks calming and relaxing.

Another benefit of incorporating dark green into your palette is that it can blend really well with any kind of design style, from classic traditional to modern ones.