8 Ottoman Colors That Complement a Black Couch

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

A black couch is a timeless choice, with a sleek and neutral appearance that not only screams elegance but also can effortlessly complement various design styles. However, there’s a potential downside to a black couch: it can sometimes appear boring and monotonous. This is where ottomans come to the rescue.

When it comes to pairing an ottoman with a black couch, vibrant colors like orange, mustard yellow, red, or vibrant blue are undeniably the best choices. These ottoman colors introduce a dynamic burst of vibrancy, enriching your seating area without overshadowing the sophisticated elegance of the black couch. Alternatively, neutral hues like beige and white can also work really well to infuse some contrast while allowing the black couch to maintain its prominence as the defining element of your interior decor.

Browse all the amazing ottoman color ideas for a black couch below.

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Ultra Sleek Looks with Velvet Black

Black ottoman

Black on black may be old-school jazz but it remains a timeless sheer, as it echoes sophistication and drama that no other color scheme can match. A black couch with a black ottoman is the perfect manly man of the metro scene.

Match it with dark wood surrounding such floors and walls, and you get that 1950s Midcentury feel. To up it a notch and give it a modern twist add silver elements and translucent pieces such as a piece of straight-edged furniture.

As pure black is not for everyone, a chicer approach is to add classic white to your décor. Add white area rugs, white chiffon pillows and sprinkled with silver figurines, or a pop of silver wall clock.

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Rust Orange

Orange ottoman

Rust orange ottomans and pillows are not hard to find. You can either go for the classic button-tufted version or go with a more playful geometric-shaped ottoman with gold legs.

Pair these eye-catching ottoman designs with pillows in the tangerine hue, and you’ll definitely have a zesty look off your living space.

Rust orange is a darker kind of orange and loves velvet and other cushiony fabrics, but you can tone down it a bit for a casual look with ottoman and pillow fabrics with white patterns.

Floral and peacock designs on your ottoman or throw pillow is a visually stimulating addition to the orangey treat. 

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Pop of Colors with Vibrant Yellow

Yellow ottoman

Yellow with the midnight backdrop is undeniably a perfect combination, and your black couch will love the tint as it adds a cozy yet playful color tone.

Another eye-popping color on a black couch is a yellow-green ottoman and throw pillow.

It’s a refreshing and friendly color that subdues the overwhelming black hue. You can also combine the exciting yellow color with the cheerful yellow-green color.

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Create Strong Contrast using Pure White

White ottoman

When you already have a black sofa or couch, chances are you’ll have other overwhelming elements such as dark wood or other heavy elements in the scene.

Add a pure white ottoman and a glass center table with a white area rug or carpet with a minimal pattern where the eyes can rest.

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Bold Combos with Red

Red ottoman

If you want to pump up some energy into your interior, red is your go-to color.

However, it’s a hard sell to most people and a challenge to mix and match to other color schemes, but when paired with black you got a harmonious combo with a powerful take.

A red ottoman with a black couch paired with light gray or white throw pillows further softens the look.

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Colorful Mix (Blue, Red, and Yellow)

Colorful ottoman set

Do you plan to get more than one ottoman? Why don’t you throw in a mix of the primary colors, where you add one blue, one red, and one yellow ottoman paired with your black sofa or couch.

You get a modern-looking ensemble. Try to have solid colors and the classic drum profile to match your midnight hue to create a clean yet playful scene.

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Nordic Touch with Light Beige

Light beige ottoman

Beige is a great alternative to white when you are concerned with your kids or pets ruining your sparkly white sheets.

You can either go with the leather ottoman with full grain to enjoy that marble-like pattern or stay with a more organic feel, such as a beige-colored wicker ottoman.

Either way, it’s a great match with your black sofa as the lighter neutral brightens up the look.

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Peach, a Lady’s Dream

Peach ottoman

Another popular ottoman color for black sofas is peach, which is like femme fetal meets high street-chic look where it works both for Italian modernism and Haute Boho styles.

Add a gold chandelier and white or emerald green throw pillows to add visual impact to the interior space.


Choosing a black couch is by itself a brave move, as the dark color can connote a negative or dreary impression for most.

Though unconventional at the onset, black is actually a practical choice (especially if you’re not exactly the clean freak), but it doesn’t need to be all boring as you can take advantage of the plethora of colors available.

Utilizing the color spectrum through the decorative footstool, you’ll be surprised by the endless design possibilities to bring out that personality, mood, or ambiance that you’re aiming for. 

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