7 Best Rug Colors That Goes with Concrete Flooring (Stylish and Elegant Choices)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

With the rising popularity of the unfinished and retro-industrial decor style, concrete floors have become the go-to choice for interior design. The concrete floors combine a natural, organic look with a sleek aesthetic, becoming a unique and interesting backdrop for your interior space.

However, the main challenge that we often find when choosing concrete as the flooring is the difficulty of finding the perfect rug colors that can blend with it. This challenge primarily arises from the raw, organic texture and hues of concrete, complicating the task of achieving a cohesive visual balance with the rugs.

Fortunately, we have encountered this issue multiple times and can now offer some insights based on our experiences.

If you are looking for the best rug colors for concrete flooring, we highly recommend you try beige, brown, navy, or white. Those rug colors can lift up the cool tone of the concrete, creating a warmer and more inviting ambiance inside your space. Furthermore, they can easily complement the raw hues of the concrete, blending the rustic allure with a hint of modern twist.

Read on for more detailed explanations.

1. Beige Rug

Beige rug

As we already said before, most room with concrete flooring, especially with gray finishes, may lack warmth and can be felt and looks very cold and uninviting.

Thus, if you are looking for a perfect rug to solve this problem, then a beige rug can be the perfect choice for you.

As it’s nature, beige can provide a lot of warmth to lift the ambiance and vibe to your spaces, without taking over the natural beauty of your concrete flooring, thanks to its soft and neutral looks.

2. Brown Rug

Brown rug

This is another great option that not only brings a lot of warm vibes but also helps make the entire space feel welcoming and inviting.

Moreover, a brown rug can be a perfect choice for you who want a rug with a bold and strong appearance to fit your interior style.

Last but not least, the earthy tone of the brown rug surely will match perfectly with the natural unfinished look of the concrete floor.

3. Navy Rug

Navy rug

When it comes to rugs, navy can be a very versatile choice that can fit any decor style, including the industrial or unfinished ones.

With a perfect mix of boldness and elegance, any navy rug will easily elevate the looks of any space.

Moreover, it can be a great solution to bring a stunning dark blue tone to enrich your color scheme and make the entire room feel more alive in a stylish way.

4. Blue and White Rug

Blue and white rug

Honestly, for the concrete flooring, we tend to choose darker shades of blue such as dark blue or navy, as they can blend relatively easily with the floors.

However, you can still use any brighter or lighter blue shades as long as you are choosing one that combines the vibrant blue with neutral shades such as white or light gray.

This is essential to make the rug blend flawlessly with the concrete.

5. Dark Gray Rug

Dark gray rug

No, we don’t recommend you to use any gray rug that has a similar shade to your concrete floors, as this kind of rug obviously will look a bit weird and can’t bring little to no impact to your room’s appearance.

Instead, you can use any darker gray rug that still provides a lot of contrast against the concrete, while at the same time looking perfectly flawless and keeping the gray flows harmoniously between the floors and the rug above it.

Moreover, the dark gray rug can also be a great choice for you who want to keep simplicity as your main goal for your spaces.

6. Black and White Rug

Black and white rug

For you who want to keep the neutral looks flowing through the entire elements inside your living room with gray concrete floors, then you can give a black and white rug a shot.

One thing that we love about these kinds of rugs is that they can keep the consistency and provide a seamless appearance, but at the same time bring some contemporary looks to modernize your unfinished interior.

7. White Rug

White rug

If you want to use a rug to separate different sections of your home, then a white rug can be a great option. It will provide a lot of contrast against the concrete floors, while its clean and sleek appearance can make your room feel clean and crisp.

The key to getting the best result when using a white rug is to choose one that has a pattern that perfectly matches your decor style.

However, avoid using a white rug for the high-traffic area as it will easily get dirty and it will need a lot of cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking great.

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