6 Stylish Ways to Fill the Space Between a Sofa and Loveseat

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

A sofa and a loveseat in an L-shaped setup is a classic seating arrangement in living rooms. In a large living room, you would often see this arrangement in the middle of the room.

Set against the wall, this layout is equally practical in small rooms by maximizing the space available.

In an L-shaped seating arrangement, the nook between the sofa and loveseat plays an important role.

Living room with sofa and loveseat

This corner is often overlooked but it presents an opportunity to elevate the style of the living room.

Decorate and furnish this spot with these ideas on what to put between a sofa and loveseat.

6 Decorative Items to Fill Empty Sofa’s Corner

End Table

End table

An end table is the easiest design solution for the space between a sofa and a loveseat. It serves as a table for both sides, and can also offer storage depending on the design.

Use thin modern end tables for small areas as they make the space look and feel larger. In larger living rooms, try out ornate end tables for an eye-catching feature.



Plants add a cheerful and lively look to living rooms. Dress up the empty corner of your living room with a large indoor plant like a parlour palm or a fiddle leaf fig.

You can also group smaller plants on an interesting plant stand in this space. Thin plants like indoor palms and dragon trees are the perfect decorating solution for tight corners.

They fit beautifully into narrow spaces and give a burst of color to the living room.


Floor lamp

Highlight the sofa and loveseat by placing a floor lamp in the empty corner space between them.

A lamp is a functional addition to a living room design. The corner location makes it equally accessible from both sides, ready to double up as a reading light if needed.  

Use a lamp with a bold look to give some drama and depth to a neutral living room design.


Corner shelves

Turn an empty corner into a multifunctional space with corner wall shelves.

With the shelf, the space between the seating can hold everything you need at an arm’s distance. Decorate the shelves with books, accessories, artworks, and other items you love to make it look attractive.

Wall shelves are also a space-saving solution for small living rooms as they offer extra storage without taking up floor space.


Decorative basket

A simple and practical design solution for the corner space is a basket. Add a wicker basket to give the living room a rustic look while keeping clutter at bay.

The basket can be used to store magazines, cushions, throws, and even children’s toys after use. It keeps the living room clean and organized while looking pretty – a winning formula!

Vases & Sculptures

Large vases

Get up close and personal with art by displaying them near your sofa. Large vases and sculptures fit in beautifully in this nook. Use a side table or pedestal to elevate and draw attention to smaller pieces.

Vases and sculptures also offer a great opportunity to bring in color and contrast to the living room design.

Use any of the ideas above to decorate the space between your sofa and loveseat. You can also combine many of them to create something that works better for you. An end table with a lamp on it and a basket below could be the right solution for your room, so don’t hesitate to mix and match!