7 Best Gray Bedroom Ideas

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Our Best Gray Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

An ideal bedroom is a bedroom that can inspire you when get up in the morning, and be a quiet and calming place to relax after a busy day. To achieve this goal, a bedroom with a natural feels and ambient is the perfect solution. And the most suitable color to make those kind of bedroom is, gray.

Gray is a very versatile color and can be combined with any other colors perfectly, and this applies to all shades of gray, from light gray to old ones.

In addition, this color can also be applied to almost all interior design concept. From classic style, modern, farmhouse, contemporary, minimalist, you name it. Almost all of those interior design styles can be created using gray color perfectly.

If you are looking for a gray bedroom design ideas, then you are on the right page. Here we share our best gray bedroom interior design that you can easily replicate and apply for your bedroom designs.

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Glamour and Luxurious Silver Small Bedroom

Glamour and Luxurious Silver Small Bedroom

Gray, white and silver are a perfect combination to create a glamorous and luxurious bedroom. Although this design made in a small sized bedroom, the combination of these three colors can still create an attractive and eye catching looks into the bedroom.

Eventhough white is the most used color in this room design, but the gray color still looks prominent because we made it as the main focal point for this entire bedroom design.

While silver, although not used too much here, works well to give the impression of glamorous and elegance that is needed to perfecting this bedroom in to the level that we want.

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Grey and Yellow Small Bedroom with Couch

Grey and Yellow Small Bedroom with Couch

This bedroom is one example where gray can be easily combined with other colors, especially for bright colors such as yellow to produce a vibrant and cheerful bedroom design.

Although small, this bedroom is quite comfortable to live in because with the correct arrangement, we can put an armchair/couch in this bedroom that can be used to sit and relax inside the room.

This modern and industrial concept room is perfect for any teenagers, both boys and girls. Because this bedroom can transmit enthusiasm that is needed by any teenager.

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Glamorous Grey and Rose Gold Bedroom

Glamorous Grey and Rose Gold Bedroom

The next grey bedroom that we made is this bedroom which is very suitable for any women. Gray, white and rose gold color scheme are perfect combinations to create a cozy and beautiful bedroom. Unlike the other rose gold edroom designs that often look glamorous, in this design we want a little bit different approach where we want this bedroom to looks and feel soft and calming.

This can be achieved by avoiding excessive use of any decoration items, and we only used necessary ones. And the results are quite satisfying, where we get a room that looks quite simple but still beautiful and attractive.

Color selection also become very important, so we chose two bright colors : white and light gray as the main color of this bedroom. And then we used rose gold / pink color as an accent color to enhance the overall design of this bedroom.

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Modern Grey Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Modern Grey Scandinavian Bedroom Design

If the majority of the other gray bedroom designs on the list in this page used light gray color, then this time we use a different shades of grey, dark gray. This is because we want to make this dark gray color as the center/focal point in this bedroom.

With the scandinavian style that is currently one of the most popular room style, resulting not only attractive, but also artistic bedroom design. In fact, when viewed in more detail, actually the design of this bedroom is quite simple and very easy for anyone to follow and replicate in their bedroom.

The key is to choose the right decoration and furniture items. Thus, even though the bedroom design is simple, it's still capable to produce an attractive and eye catching bedroom.

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Small Rose Gold and White Bedroom

Small Rose Gold and White Bedroom

The next grey bedroom design in the list is this small gray, white and pink bedroom design. Even though this bedroom doesn't use too much grey color, we still add it to this list to show you how easily it can be to combine grey with pink and white to create a chic and beautiful bedroom design.

This bedroom design are very suitable for any girls and adult women, because even though we use pink as main color, this bedroom still looks great and not too "girly".

One thing that makes this room look attractive is its unique geometric style on the walls. In the walls that have been divided using geometric shaped lines, we use three different paint colors : white, pink and light gray.

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Teal and Grey Bedroom Decor Idea

Teal and Grey Bedroom Decor Idea

This bedroom is another example where gray can be easily combined with any bright colors like this teal color. Teal is a unique and well-known color due to it's charm, and gray is the right ones to balance it.

In this design we also use a lot of wood materials, especially frech gray oak wood. Wood like this, in contrast to the majority of other wood materials, looks quite elegant and feels more luxurious.

The majority of the grey color in this bedroom are used on the walls where we use the concept of unfinished plasters. In addition, gray is also used on some items such as wall shelves and pendant lamps.

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White, Rose Gold and Grey Bedroom Ideas

White, Rose Gold and Grey Bedroom Ideas

Rose gold is a new color that has been booming in the past few years. We tried to follow the trends and make bedroom designs using rose gold, and it turns out that a suitable color to be combined with this color is gray.

Although this room uses rose gold as the main theme, actually, we use rose gold color only around 20-30%, and gray color is used much more in this design.

However, this is enough to make this room have a glamorous and luxurious aura, and will be loved by any women.