5 Best Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

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Best Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas

Do you love Scandinavian style? If so, then you are in the right place. Here we will share our Scandinavian-style bedroom designs that not only looks eye-catching, but also comfortable and cozy to live in.

Our Scandinavian room designs can be an inspiration for those of you who are planning to make a bedroom using this concept. If you are interested in one of the designs on our list, you can click on the link in the design title to see more complete information and more images of those design.

Scandinavian design is not just an interior decoration, but also art. By using Scandinavian style to your bedroom, you can determine which effects of the bedroom that you want. You can create a minimalist, colorful, elegant, simple, rustic, modern room, you name it. Everything can be created by applying the Scandinavian concept.

The concept of Scandinavian can be applied to any room in your home, however, bedroom is a perfect place where the Scandinavian ambient can be spark properly.

Most Scandinavian designs use a lot of white color for the interior, furniture and decoration items. But actually, any other colors can be used to create a Scandinavian style as well as white.

Let’s get started, here are bedroom design ideas using Scandinavian concept made especially for you by our interior design team :

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Modern Grey Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Modern Grey Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Combining modern design style with Scandinavian concept can produce an eye-pleasing interior design. As can be seen in this bedroom design, where modern concepts blend perfectly with Scandinavian style and produce a bedroom design that anyone who loves scandinavian style wants to have.

In this bedroom design, we apply the concept of high contrast using two main colors that are very contradictory, white and dark gray. And this resulting a stunning and elegant Scandinavian bedroom interior.

As you already know, Scandinavian design is an art. Therefore, any scandinavian style bedroom are feels incomplete without the appropriate wall art decorations. So, for this room, we use 3 simple but artistic wall art to help make the room feel more aesthetic and vibrant.

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Beautiful and Romantic Pink Scandinavian Bedroom

Beautiful and Romantic Pink Scandinavian Bedroom

This design shows that we can easily create a Scandinavian-style bedroomn without needing to fully remodel your existing bedrooms. Scandinavian style furniture and decoration items is enough to make this bedroom have a beautiful and attractive Scandinavian style.

Thus, in this bedroom design, choosing the right furniture and decoration items play an important role. Choosing the wrong items will ruin the entire bedroom concept. For this reason, it is important to maintain the consistency of the style for each and every furniture and decoration items.

This bedroom uses pink as it's main color, where this color is used on the entire walls of the room, as our initial purpose of this room is to create women's bedroom that not only looks beautiful, but also feels romantic.

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Simple Natural Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Simple Natural Scandinavian Bedroom Design

The next Scandinavian bedroom design that we want to accomplish is simple and natural Scandinavian bedroom. The natural effects for the bedroom can be obtained by using a lot of wood materials in the interior and furniture items.

While simplicity can be obtained by limiting the number of furniture and decoration items inside the room, where we avoid using unecessary items and decorations to help make the bedroom look more simple, clean and neat.

One important trick in designing this bedroom is the selection of texture and color of the wood we used. In order to make the wood blend well with the whole concept, we choose light natural wood color and texture. In addition, consistency in wood selection for different materials and furniture is also important to make the entire bedroom design look flawless.

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Stylish Small Scandinavian Bedroom

Stylish Small Scandinavian Bedroom

This design is one of our favorite Scandinavian room designs. Where our interior design team succesfully created a stylish and elegant Scandinavian style bedroom design by utilizing a limited spaces in a small sized bedroom.

This bedroom uses a combination of light gray with white colors that blend very well. The arrangement of the decoration items also plays an important role to make this bedroom don't looks boring and also feels more artistic.

Another important thing that makes this bedroom attractive is the use of artificial trees that are large enough to help make the bedroom look natural and fresh.

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White Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

White Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

This design is an example of a pretty mainstream Scandinavian-themed bedroom design, where we use a lot of wood materials for the interior of this room. To make it more interesting, we paint the wood materials in white color to produce a bedroom that still looks simple and minimalist despite using a lot of wood materials.

This bedroom is actually quite good though without adding any decoration items. However, to add more scandinavian impression into this bedroom, we added several scandinavian style decor items such as wall art, table decorations, and some other decoration items. However, to keep the room simple and neat, we limit it by avoid overusing too much decoration items.

Although most of the material and furniture in this room uses white finish, we added a few additional color combinations, especially pastel colors to make the room feels warmer but still looks soft and soothing.