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Beautiful Blue Bedroom Ideas

Blue is one of the most popular color. Not surprisingly, many people want to design and decorate their bedrooms using this color. That’s why, we want to share some of bedrooms design made using blue color that you and any other blue fans can use as an ideas and inspiration for the bedroom in your home.

Usually, blue is often used to create a classic style bedroom. But did you know that almost all room styles can be made using blue. From contemporary to vintage ones. From Scandinavian to farmhouse, and almost all other bedroom design styles.

Another advantage of blue is that this color that can be used for room decoration for all age groups. Ranging from nursery bedrooms for toddlers, kids bedrooms, teenage bedrooms, to adults bedrooms all can be made using blue color.

The blue color also can create a bedroom that has soothing and tranquil vibe that makes people feel more calm and peaceful, and this is important to help people rest better and get good quality sleep.

One of the important things when designing a blue bedroom is choosing the right blue shade. Each shade of blue will emit a different ambient to the room. For example, navy or dark blue can create a royal and classic room aura, while light blue creates the bedroom feels vibrant and cheerful.

Another important thing is to choose the right color combination that will blend perfectly with blue. Indeed, the blue color is a doesn’t blend well when combined with bright colors when it comes to interior design. Ideally, you can combine blue with any neutral colors such as white and gray. However, other pastel and soft colors also can be used to combine with blue to produce a beautiful bedroom.

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White and Blue Coastal Bedroom Design

White and Blue Coastal Bedroom Design

Blue is the perfect color to make a coastal style bedroom. This color is a representation of the sea which gives a fresh, calm and natural impression.

In this design, the blue color is mostly used on the wood board that arranged horizontally covering the entire wall behind the bed. Although there is not too much blue is used in the design of this bedroom, we used it as the main focal point of the bedroom, and it make the blue color as the most prominent color of the overall design of this bedroom.

This was achieved because we used a lot of white color in this bedroom. Where neutral white color help makes the blue stand out more in this bedroom.

For those of you who want a bedroom with a beach feels, then this design is a very good example and you can replicate easily to your bedroom.

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Classic Blue and White Bedroom Design

Classic Blue and White Bedroom Design

The combination of blue and white is a timeless classic palette that we used to create this blue classic bedroom design. Those colors combinations creates a tranquil and lovely room design, that can help you drift to dreamland faster at night.

To add more classic and vintage style into this bedroom, we used some wooden decorations and furniture, such as the bedside table, wall decorations, end table, etc. Those wooden items works great and make this bedroom had more exciting vintage touch.

Blue is the most dominant color in this bedroom, so we need to neutralized it a bit by using some smooth and natural color such as white and beige. And that works well to balancing the color scheme of this bedroom.

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Vintage Royal Blue Bedroom Interior Design

Vintage Royal Blue Bedroom Interior Design

Almost all types of interior design style can be made using blue color. From modern to classic ones can easily made using this versatile color. This time, we will create a vintage-themed bedroom design using blue. Unlike the previous designs, this time we chose a dark blue color shade that is often known as royal blue.

This resulting a bedroom that not only looks vintage, but also glamorous and elegant. The royal blue color that we used is perfect for any vintage room, and although it is used on almost the entire walls of the room, the results still look great and don't look boring.

To balancing the royal blue color which is a little bit dark, we use a lot of white and bright colors in the furniture and decoration items, so that those combination results in an attractive and eye-catching bedroom.

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Classic Light Blue Bedroom

Classic Light Blue Bedroom

Blue can be used to created a different range of bedroom style, from peacful to bold ones. And in this design, we try to create a peaceful one using light blue color. Using this shade of blue not only create a peaceful bedroom, but also a calm and soothing ones that everyone would loved.

And to accomplish these targets, a natural color combination is needed to accompany the light blue color, and our choice fell to white which is the most ideal color to do this job.

The design style of this bedroom itself will lead to a classical style, so that it can give a luxurious impression to the bedroom. As this bedroom has a narrow area, we also use two large mirrors that not only will help make the room feel more spacious, but also look brighter.

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Cozy Light Blue Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Cozy Light Blue Farmhouse Bedroom Design

This bedroom design is an example that blue can be easily used for any interior design concepts or style. This time, we made a farmhouse style bedroom using one of the shades of blue as our main color, which is light blue.

As you can see from the image above, this resulting an unique, attractive and artistic farmhouse bedroom. The light blue color helps make the atmosphere of the room feels more calm and peaceful.

Using farmhouse concept, we need to use a lot of wood material for floors, doors, vases, and wall decor. And this resulting a bedroom that makes a lot of people love and want to have it as their bedroom.