Classic Blue and White Bedroom Design

Vintage classic blue and white bedroom decoration.
Blue BedroomClassic BedroomVintage Bedroom

Blue and White Bedroom with Classic Style

Bedroom is the most perfect place in your home to using blue paint color. It’s reminiscent the sky and sea colors. In this project, we will create a bedroom design using blue as our main color and combine it with white, as those two colors are blend perfectly to create a tranquil and serene bedroom ambient.

We also add some classic or vintage touch to this bedroom to make this bedroom looks much more interesting. And you can see the result in picture below :

Classic Blue Bedroom

As you can see in image above, we painted almost all of the walls using blue paint color, as it’s our main color for this bedroom design style. And it’s enough to give this bedroom an appealing but serene ambient.

For most of the items and furniture in this bedroom, we using white color. And to add more classic and vintage style, we using choosing some items and furniture that had wood accent. We also using wood parquet as a flooring for this bedroom with the same purpose.

Blue bedroom

Since it’s a master bedroom, we need to add some chair/sofa into this bedroom, and we choose this round armchair sofa with beige fabric finish that blend perfectly into this bedroom design style.

To add more natural feeling into this bedroom, we add some artificial plant inside this bedroom. We combine some small plant and a big ones and that’s enough to make this bedroom feel more green and natural.

Item Used in This Blue Bedroom

Contemporary 1 Drawer Nightstand with Glossy White and Oak Finish

As we said before, we want to add vintage or classic style into this bedroom, but we don’t want to overdo this as we doesn’t want to make this room feel outdated. That’s the reason we choose this nightstand table that had contemporary modern style. Although it’s had different style with our main bedroom style, this table blend well with our bedroom.

Minimalist Chandelier White Ceiling Pendant Lamp

This pendant chandelier white lamp blend perfectly with this blue and white classic style bedroom. Created using high quality white aluminium and combine with solid wood accent, this beautiful lamp bring romantic and warm feels into this bedroom especially when it’s turned on.

Glass Top Silver Accent Tables with Stylish Geometric Angular Design

This silver glass top accent table has geometric angular design that bring elegance into this bedroom. Made using premium metal and glass, this table had a robust design providing stable and sturdy table frame. With 12 x 12 inch top table size, it’s more than enough to put a coffee cups or any items above it.

Vintage Rustic Farmhouse Motivational/Inspirational Wall Decor Sign

To add more charm and classic style into this bedroom, we add this faith based inspirational and motivational wall decor sign. With wood pallet design using reclaimed wood, that blend perfectly with our bedroom wall. This decorative wall sign help make this blue bedroom more stylish and classy.

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