Cozy Light Blue Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Soothing and cozy light blue bedroom design ideas.

Light Blue Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse style bedroom is commonly used to create a cozy bedroom. Today, we create a light blue farmhouse bedroom design that not only cozy, but also relaxing bedroom to relax after a long and busy day.

One of the most important thing to consider when creating a farmhouse design is to use soothing color palette with addition of some rustic furnishing.

In this project, we use light blue as our main color for this bedroom. This color chosen because it’s natural ambient and easy to mix with any other colors and materials.

Light Blue Farmhouse Bedroom

To archive our goals to create a farmhouse style, we used lot of wood materials. Several type of wood are chosen, including reclaimed wood, old wood and fine wood.

Those wood material are used for the door, flooring, ceiling, and also some furniture items. To make them look flawless, we use a similar wood color, texture and grain.

For the nightstand table, we used the one with similar color to our main color, light blue. So we choose blue accent table with 2 drawer that blend perfectly to this bedroom.

Light blue farmhouse style bedroom

This bedroom already had a lot of natural lighting, thanks to some big windows placed in this room. That’s why we don’t add lot of extra light/lamp. Only one main lamp and two bedside lamp made from ceramic materials that will add some glamorous feels and looks.

Green and nature colors are mandatory to create a cozy bedroom, so we added three planter with artificial lavender.

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Item Used in This Light Blue Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Ameriwood Home Franklin Blue Accent Table 2 Drawers

This light blue beautiful accent table by Ameriwood is perfectly suited this farmhouse bedroom design. With 2 drawers, you can had a lot of storage space to put your items.

Stone & Beam Ceramic Bedside Table Lamp With White Shade

This sleek, white shade table lamp had a simple and modern style with a counterpoint to the round, ceramic base.  With neutral cyan color and classic touches, this lamp blend with any room include this light blue farmhouse bedroom.

Chairus Fabric Bedroom Bench Seat with X-Shaped Wood Legs

This upholstered bench is used to complement this light blue bedroom design. It’s durable Polyester surface and thick foam padding make it feel soft and relaxing while sitting. With X-legs made from rubber wood is a quality bench for any bedroom design.

Velener Artificial Potted Lavender Plant for Home Decor (Wooden Tray)

Artificial plants, in most cases, it’s the most suitable plants for indoor use. That’s why we used this lavender artificial plants in this farmhouse bedroom. It’s wooden box is perfect as a centerpiece for this bedroom decoration.

Vintage Rustic Wall Home Decorative Wall Sign for Bedroom

To add more depth to our farmhouse style, we used this reclaimed wood wall sign into this bedroom design. With it’s inspirational and motivational message, this wall art not only work as an wall decoration, but also works well as a reminder of the important things in our life.

Abstract Landscape Canvas Art Modern Paintings for Wall Decor

This abstract landscape wall art are printed on good quality linen canvas. Bring more natural and artistic feels to this bedroom, we placed it in the center of the room above the bed.

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