Glamour and Luxurious Silver Small Bedroom

Glamour and luxurious grey silver small bedroom design ideas.

Luxury Silver Bedroom

Luxury bedroom often identic with large master bedroom. But now in this project, we will make something different. We will create a glamour and luxurious bedroom in the small sized bedroom using grey and silver color theme.

It’s a little bit tricky and took a couple of hours of designing and choosing the perfect materials, items and furniture and then finally this wonderful bedroom design completed.

You can see the result of our work in the image below.

Small Silver Bedroom

This bedroom design is perfect for anyone who had small bedroom but want to had an amazing luxurious bedroom but also comfortable for spending time and rest after a long busy day.

What we loved from this bedroom design is it’s simplicity yet elegant style. That’s one main concern when we designing this bedroom, since we don’t had much space in this room, so we don’t want to put too much items and decorations into this bedroom.

Grey silver bedroom

Two main colors are used in this bedroom, grey/silver and white. Those two colors blend perfectly to create an elegant and luxurious style that we want.

In small sized bedroom like this, it’s important to keep this bedroom bright, and thanks for the large window that we had into this bedroom so we don’t need to add any extra lighting.

Item Used in This Silver Bedroom

2 Drawer Glossy White Nightstand with Silver Sparkling Panel

One of the main reason that we choose this 2 drawer glossy white nightstand is it’s silver sparkling panel that not only unique but also stylish that fit perfectly into this silver bedroom design. This table not only had 2 drawer to store and organize any items, but also had 1 hidden jewelry drawer.

White Glossy 6-Drawer Modern and Luxury Dresser

In small bedroom like this, we need lot of space to store and organize any items so the bedroom will look clean and neat, that’s why we add this 6 drawer dresser there. This dresser had same style with the nightstand table, so it integrated well into this bedroom.

Modern Nightstand Touch Lamp with Brushed Steel Base and White Shade

To add more elegant and luxurious atmosphere into this bedroom, we need to add some items with metal finish, and this table lamp is one of them. This modern style lamp had brushed steel finish that we need. It’s also using clean white fabric shade that make this lamp had cool contemporary looks.

Elegant Metal Aluminium Brushed LED Ceiling Lights

For this bedroom, we only want 1 main light that can cover all the bedroom area because we don’t want too much lamp there. We also need a lamp that match our bedroom decor style, and the lamp who fit our need is this one. With elegant design made from brushed aluminium, this lamp powered with 32W round light.

Silver Faux Alligator Leather Vanity Tray Decorative Organizer

This Vanity Tray is covered by glossy and stunning silver leather that works well as an extra decoration items for this bedroom. Created using waterproof materials, this stylish item not only work as a decor item, but also can functioning to hold any perfumes, jewelry, make up accessories, etc.

Minimalist Gray Abstract
Silver Glitter Wall Art Painting

To enhance this bedroom style, we need to add some artistic wall art decoration, and we choose this set of 3 minimalist gray abstract wall art with silver glitter than match our luxury silver bedroom design. It’s silver glitter makes this art look elegant and beautiful, and then the textured finish sparkles make it perfect delicate for this bedroom wall.

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