Minimalist Contemporary White Bedroom Design

Minimalist contemporary white bedroom design that doesn't looks boring.

Contemporary Minimalist White Bedroom

One problem that often found when mixing up minimalist style and white color into one bedroom design is that those combination usually produce a boring and cold bedroom. Challenge accepted, in this project, we try to create a minimalist white bedroom style that will looks attractive, fresh and warm.

To make this bedroom more interesting, we will add some contemporary touch into this bedroom. And here is the result :

Contemporary White Bedroom

As you can see, there is more than 90% of the materials, items and furniture in this bedroom using white color. Yet, this bedroom still looks attractive. One important tricks to achieve this is by creating some clean lines in the walls and ceiling, as we often see in the minimalist style.

Using a lot of white color like this not only help make the bedroom looks clean, but also help make the bedroom feels much more larger and spacious.

Minimalist White Bedroom

Another important thing is to add some plants to bring more nature vibrant into the bedroom ambient, and in this bedroom, we add a large artificial tree to help us achieve those goals.

Wall art/decor also play an important role here, as it will help make the bedroom looks not only artistic but also elegant.

Items Used in This Bedroom

Contemporary Pure White 2 Drawer Nightstand with Matte Nickel Handles

This table works perfectly to add contemporary touch into this bedroom. With neutral white colors, this table had a modern style with clean line that not only blend well into this bedroom, but also for any other bedroom styles. As a storage, this table also works great with it’s 2 drawer that can hold and organize many items inside it.

Huge Contemporary Abstract Canvas Print Wall Art

In the simple bedroom design like this, we need some catchy wall art or decorations to stand out and help make the bedroom looks much more alive. And for this bedroom, we choose this large wall art to do this job. With big size (72×72 inch), this wall art can make a big difference in any bedroom decor style.

Canvas Print Modern Inspirational Wall Art Decorations

This canvas print wall art not only looks cool, but also works great as a daily reminder to give extra motivation every time we see it. Made in the USA using high quality materials, this items also gives more modern but simple feels into this white bedroom.

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