Minimalist Gray and White Bedroom with Scandinavian Accent

Cozy and stylish minimalist gray and white bedroom with Scandinavian accent.

Minimalist Scandinavian Gray and White Bedroom

This time we will try to test the creativity of our interior design team by creating a bedroom design using a combination of two different design styles, minimalist and Scandinavian. The purpose of combining these two design styles is to create a Scandinavian looks bedroom that also elegant, simple but still stylish and artistic such as any Scandinavian bedroom design.

One important key for this bedroom design to succeed is to choose a simple / natural color palette. And for this room, we choose gray and white. Not only because they are a natural color, but also they can blend well to create a calm and soothing atmosphere into the bedroom.

Minimalist Scandinavian gray bedroom

The result, as you can see from the picture above, a room that looks simple but attractive, stylish and classy.

In this bedroom design, we use a lot of wood materials. But as we know, this wood materials often not suitable when used in a Scandinavian-style bedroom. For this reason, we paint all of those wood materials in this room using white paint. And the results look very good, not only because this wood material blend well with minimalist style, but also still gives some natural accent.

As for the floor, we still use wood, which is wood parquet. However, we choose wood parquet that has a soft and light texture so that it can stay well together in the design concept of this room.

On the other hand, gray is mostly used on bedroom walls. One important thing here is choosing the right shades from many choices of gray shades available. For this design, we choose a light gray paint that gives the bedroom a more spacious feels and impression, and also makes the room brighter. Furthermore, the combination of the gray walls with wood floors is a perfect choice for this minimalist-Scandinavian style interior.

Since we use a minimalist style in this room, we avoid using too many decoration items. On the walls themselves, we only use a set (3 pieces) minimalist wall art decor which is very simple with black and white painting. But even though it is simple, the wall art that is used still looks elegant and attractive.

Almost all furniture used in this bedroom using white finish. The goal, is to emphasize the minimalist concept in this bedroom. However, we also have to look for furniture that not only looks minimalist, but also has a Scandinavian touch.

Item Used in This Bedroom

Beautiful 2 Drawers Soft White Accent Nightstand Table

As we already said before, we choose almost all of the furniture for this room that had a white finishing material, including for this nightstand table. With 2 drawers that can use to store and organize everyday items, this table is also had a lower shelf which is large enough to store any books or magazines. Not only white, this table is also available in any other colors such as black, blue, gray, yellow, and several other colors.

Minimalist Glossy White Console Table with Drawer

One of the reasons why we choose this table is not only because it’s functioning well as a storage area, but also because this table has a streamlined look that is both modern and classic. With a center drawer to store and organize any essentials, there is also a full bottom shelf to provide more extra room. Made using high quality materials, ensure this excellent table has great durability to bring years of enjoyment.

Stone Shaped White Ceramic Base Bedside Table Lamp

To add a soft but elegant impression to this bedroom, we use this stone shaped white ceramic base bedside table lamp. One of the uniqueness of this lamp is it’s stone shaped ceramic base in white glossy finish that makes this lamp table blend perfectly with minimalist design that we apply in this bedroom. This lamp uses 1 x 40 W type B E12 base bulb that is easy to find in any store near your home.

Minimalist Modern Clean White and Black Wall Art Decor

What we loved most from this set of 3 printed wall art decor is it’s minimalist simple but elegant sketched feather design in black and white (soft grey) background. This beautiful artwork is the perfect piece to wrap up our entire minimalist Scandinavian bedroom design.

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