10 Inspiring Modern Bedroom Ideas

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Modern Bedroom Ideas

Modern style bedroom is one of the most popular bedroom design concepts and it is one of the most widely used today. That’s why we created and share a lot of modern room design concepts here on in roomdsign.com which we hope can be an inspiration for those of you who are planning to design or remodel your bedroom using this design style.

One of the reason why modern bedroom design schemes get a lot of demand is because by applying this style, it can produce a simple and sleek bedroom that can make the room owners feels comfortable to relax and rest after a hard and busy day.

On this page you can get many ideas and inspirations of modern bedrooms design combined with other concepts or styles such as minimalist to Scandinavian style. We also apply a variety of different color schemes for each bedroom design so you can get a new and fresh ideas for your bedroom.

One of our strengths that you will rarely find on another similar blog or websites is that the designs in our list is an original design made by our interior design team. That’s why we can guarantee the our designs in the list below can’t be find on another website.

We also share many pictures of each and every design on this list, if you want to see another pictures and more detailed information about each design, you can click on the link in each list to go to the special page for every bedroom design.

We will continue to add new modern design ideas into the list every single week, so we highly recommend you to bookmark this page so you can visit our website regularly to see our latest modern bedroom designs. Also you can follow our social media accounts to get the latest updates every time we publish a new bedroom design.

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Soothing Simple Modern Brown Small Bedroom

Soothing Simple Modern Brown Small Bedroom

When creating a bedroom with modern concept, brown is a color that oftentimes not in the list when choosing the color for modern style bedroom. One of the reason is because this color is often identical to the classic or rustic concept. But this time, we will try to create a modern style bedroom using brown as the main color.

When creating a modern style bedroom using brown, one of the most important thing to do is to choose the perfect brown color. If you choose a brown color that is too dark, the bedroom design won't look anywhere near modern. For this reason, we chose a light brown color for this bedroom design.

In addition, some decorating tricks that can be applied to create a modern impression on the rooms are used in this bedroom design. Such as using the mirror effect on the wall. Furniture selection also plays a very important role because each furniture can help highlight certain styles and characteristics to overall bedroom design, as well as the modern furniture used in this bedroom that helps to make this room look much more modern.

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Simple but Glamorous Modern White and Gold Bedroom

Simple but Glamorous Modern White and Gold Bedroom

The next modern bedroom design in our list is this simple modern white and gold bedroom design. The reason we use white and gold combination in this bedroom design is because it's the most ideal colors combination to create a modern style interior.

With this colors combination you can also get a bedroom with glamorous and elegant looks, even though as you can see from the picture above, this bedroom is actually quite simple and doesn't use too much any extra fancy decorations.

If you want to have a modern style bedroom that is luxurious and elegant but still looks simple and neat, then this bedroom design is perfect for your inspiration and you can easily apply this bedroom interior decorations in your home.

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Small Modern Black Bedroom with Wood Accent

Small Modern Black Bedroom with Wood Accent

The black color is mostly used to create a rustic style rooms. But actually, with the right and proper design, this color also can be used to create a modern-style interior. As you can see in this small modern bedroom design.

This bedroom is made in a small sized bedroom, but by utilizing and optimizing every inch available, we can get an insteresting bedroom interior design.

One trick that we tried to do in this bedroom is combining a wood accents on the walls that mostly used black color. And the results look very interesting with addition a little natural feels to the bedroom.

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Elegant Modern Black and White Master Bedroom

Elegant Modern Black and White Master Bedroom

In this modern bedroom design, we want to combine two very contrasting colors to create a bedroom design that not only looks modern, but also feels elegant and still comfortable to live in.

The advantage of this master bedroom is that even though it looks elegant, this bedroom design is actually quite simple and can be easily replicated by anyone who wants to apply this design style to their bedroom.

One important key to creating a bedroom like this is to choose furniture and decoration items that only use white or black colors, and avoid using the one that had another color. This can help maintain the consistency of the entire bedroom interior design.

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Small Modern Bedroom with Wood Accent

Small Modern Bedroom with Wood Accent

Many people think that combining wood accents into a modern style bedroom is unappropriate. In fact, with the right design and arrangement, wood accents can help make a modern bedroom design look much more warm, fresh and natural.

As an example, you can see this modern bedroom design. Where we added a lot of wood elements to the room, but this did not change the modern concept that is the main concept of this bedroom design. Instead, it makes the bedroom look more attractive.

The key here is the selection of wood materials used. Choose wood that has a light natural texture. In addition, the installation of those wood material also plays an important role. Arrange the wood in such a way that it creates a beautiful and modern impression.

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Minimalist Modern Small Bedroom Interior Design

Minimalist Modern Small Bedroom Interior Design

The minimalist design concept is one of the interior design styles whose popularity has rising in recent years. This time, we tried to combine the minimalist style with modern design concepts.

The result, as you can see from the picture above, a simple bedroom that had an luxurious ambient that will makes anyone loved to spend lot of time inside it. Another important thing that you should know is that this bedroom design is made in small rooms. Imagine what you can do when replicating this bedroom design into a much more larger bedroom.

For this minimalist modern bedroom design, soft colors such as white, light gray and beige are used which those kind of colors blend perfectly to create a warm and comfortable bedroom.

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Modern Grey Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Modern Grey Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Scandinavian design is often combine with minimalist, rustic or even vintage design styles. But this time, we tried to combine the Scandinavian design style with modern ones.

This bedroom is perfect for any teenagers or adults who want to had an attractive bedroom but still comfortable both for relaxing or to do some activities inside it.

In this modern Scandinavian bedroom design, we use two contrast colors, white and dark gray. The combination of these two colors produces a pretty attractive room, with dark gray walls became the focal point of this room.

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Modern Bedroom with Teal Accent

Modern Bedroom with Teal Accent

In this bedroom design, we created a modern-themed bedroom design using teal color accents. Using teal colors can create a bedrooms that are not only looks bright and cheerful but still bring elegant feels. That's why, this bedroom design is suitable for anyone, from young couples, adults, to teenagers.

To provide an additional natural feel, we use wood material which is added to some parts of this room. The wood chosen is wood with a light natural texture so that it can look flawless and blend well with all other materials and objects inside the bedroom.

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Monochromatic Modern Bedroom Design

Monochromatic Modern Bedroom Design

Monochromatic design style is a interior design style of room design that has just founded some years ago. However, this style already has a lot of fans because it can produce a simple room designs but still look luxurious and elegant.

As you can see in this bedroom design, we created a bedrooms with monochromatic concepts and add some modern touch. The modern style is obtained by using several items that have a metal/chrome or glossy finish.

The important thing when creating a monochromatic style room is don't forget to add some plants or flowers, both original or artificial ones to help make the bedroom look more fresh and natural.

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Small Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Small Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

The next bedroom design in our list of modern bedroom ideas is this small modern bedroom design, where this time we make a modern-themed style in small sized bedroom.

In this design, we want the modern design to stand out instantly from the bedroom. For this reason, we used a lot of marble materials such as for the walls and on the floor and this trick can directly bring an elegant and modern aura into the bedroom.

One thing to keep in mind, because we designed a small sized room, we wan to avoid using too much unnecessary decoration items. This is important to help make the room still look neat and clean, which can help adds bring luxury impression to the room.

That’s all, hope those modern bedroom design ideas can give you the inspirations that you need. Don’t forget to see other bedroom design ideas as we already share more than hundreds of bedroom design ideas.