Modern Bedroom with Teal Accent

Stylish and modern bedroom design ideas using teal accent.

Typically, modern style bedroom designs use natural colors and contrasts, such as white, black, grey and metal materials. But this time, we will create a modern bedroom interior design using teal color accents.

This bedroom is perfectly design for young couples or single ones.

In this bedroom design, we will use a combination of white and wood materials, and using teal color as an accents to create a modern-style bedroom decorations.

Modern Bedroom with Teal Accent

For the walls, we combine white paint color with teal paint. Remember, we only use teal color for accents, so the combinations between white and teal in the wall must be around 70:30 with majority of the wall will be painted white.

Ceramic is used for flooring. We using ceramic with white and grey texture that has a high level of reflection so that it gives the impression of a spacious room and also adds light to the room.

At the back of the bed, wooden accents are used to give the bedroom a natural feel.

Because the room this time is quite spacious, we also add chairs and tables that can be used as a place to relax in the room.

Modern Teal Bedroom

Because this room already has very adequate natural lighting thanks to the large window, there is not much use of lighting or additional lighting. This is certainly very useful and can save electricity costs because the room does not require or can minimize the use of lights during the day.

To provide an additional modern impression, in the selection of decoration items or furniture, we use furniture with a modern design that uses materials made of glossy or made of metal such as glass.

For the ceiling, use white color combined with teal color to add the impression of teal color in this bedroom.

So, with all of the above it can produce a modern style bedroom that feels cozy and comfort.

Teal Bedroom

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