Soothing Simple Modern Brown Small Bedroom

Soothing and simple modern style brown small bedroom design.

Modern Brown Small Bedroom

Brown usually used to create classic,rustic or vintage style bedroom. Today we want to create something different, as we want to create a modern style bedroom using this brown color.

Our goals for this project is not only created a modern bedroom, but also we want to keep this bedroom simple and had soothing ambient. Another challenging task is to design this bedroom in small sized room.

After hours of work, here is the results :

Modern Brown Bedroom Design

One of the most important thing when creating a modern style bedroom using brown is to choose light or soft brown colors, as the darker ones will make the bedroom feels dark and make it difficult to achieve modern style.

Simple thing that make a big difference in this bedroom is when we added two full length 10 cm mirror in the wall behind the bed. This simple tweak not only help make the bedroom looks more attractive, but also help make the bedroom feels a little bit more spacious.

modern brown bedroom

To keep this bedroom simple, we don’t use too much items or decorations in this bedroom. We only used important furniture such as nightstand table, dresser, table lamp, etc and avoid the use for any unnecessary furniture.

For the decorations items, we only add one set of simple abstract canvas wall art to add a bit of artistic touch for this bedroom.

Items Used in This Brown Bedroom

High Gloss White Modern Clean Design Nightstand with 2 Drawer

This nightstand table not only works to organize and storage any items on it’s 2 big drawer, but also help add more modern touch into the bedroom design. With modern clean design, thanks to it’s high gloss white finish, this table made using high quality materials that is moisture proof and fire resistant.

Modern Style Brown Wooden Base Bedside Table Lamp with USB Port

With beige white fabric shade and brown solid base, this table lamp are perfectly design to suit our modern bedroom needs. With the addition of 5V/2A USB port, this table lamp not only works as a source of lighting for the bedroom, but also can be used as power source to charge your phones or tablet.

3 Panel Abstract Huge Wave Canvas Art Wall Decor

One tricky task when designing a simple bedroom is when choosing the wall art or decorations. Thankfully we got this 3 panel abstract huge wave canvas art wall decor as this one is the perfect wall art for this bedroom style. It’s color match our main bedroom color, brown, and it’s simple abstract wave painting is in line with our overall bedroom design concept.

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