Modern Grey Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Modern white and dark grey Scandinavian bedroom interior design idea.

Grey Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian style has gained much more popularity in the last few years. More and more people are using it for their home decor style, and lot more are planned to use this design style for their home. If you are one of them, here we give you one inspiration for Scandinavian bedroom design that you can apply to your bedroom.

In this project, we will create a Scandinavian bedroom with modern style by using two contrast colors as our main colors, dark grey and white. White will be our primary color, with most of materials and furnishing will be using this color.

We will keep this bedroom simple, without overuse any unnecessary decoration so it will looks nice and clean.

And here is the result :

Grey Scandinavian Bedroom Design

As you can see, we only use dark grey paint on one side of the wall. We don’t want to overuse it because it will make the room feel dark. Any other wall is painted with clean white color.

As we can see in most of the Scandinavian design, wood materials is used for the flooring. Here, we used wood planks with light colors to help make to room feel cozy and warmer.

Grey contemporary bedroom design

Item Used in this Grey Scandinavian Bedroom

Tvilum Diana 1 Drawer Nightstand, White and Black Matte

Modern 1 drawer black and white nightstand by Tvilum is selected as bedside table for this bedroom. This classic Scandinavian design table created with friendly materials and perfect finish that looks flawless with this bedroom design.

Convenient Black Accent Patio Metal Steel Bed Side Table

This black circle side table has unique design that fit this bedroom’s requirement. Create with waterproof materials on it’s surface and solid legs to hold heavy items, so you can put any items here from vases to coffee cups.

Matte Black Plug-in Wall Sconce,Modern Rotatable Wall Lamp

This matte black plug-in wall sconce, modern rotatable wall lamp not only functional as a lamp, but also give more depth to our Scandinavian design with it’s matte black finish and wood accent. Ideally, we can put 2 of this lamp on each side of the bed, but for this current project we only use one to make some asymmetrical effect to the bedroom.

Eames-Style Soft Padded White Seat Chairs with Solid Wooden Legs

To provide more functionality in this bedroom, we need to put a chair here. And this modern mid century chair is chosen as the perfect ones for this bedroom. with soft padded seat and ergonomically shaped back make this chairs is very comfortable to use. Combining classic and modern style, we found that this one is the most ideal chair for this bedroom design.

Chandeliers Firework LED Light Stainless Steel Crystal Pendant Lighting

For main source of light, we use this modern and elegant chandeliers firework LED light. Come with nature white light, this lamp is perfectly brighten this room and also add more unique and modern Scandinavian style to this bedroom design.

Framed Canvas Artwork Decoration A Lonely Tree Canvas Wall Art

To finish this bedroom design perfectly, we use this high quality printed canvas art. With 3 different canvas with different but similar colors, this wall art is perfect decoration choice to make this bedroom feels more colorful and alive.

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