Monochromatic Modern Bedroom Design

Soft, natural and modern monochromatic bedroom interior design.

The monochrome color concept is getting more and more popular nowadays. For this reason, this time we made a room interior design with this monochrome concept. Using combination of natural colors with the majority of white and gray color, giving this bedroom interior feel calm and soft.

And to make this design much more elegant, we add a modern feel to this bedroom. This is done by adding a few items with polished metal material and using furniture with modern concept.

Modern Monochromatic Bedroom Design

As a result, this bedroom feels very soft and soothing, but still give modern looks.

Another principle that we trying to apply to this bedroom design is simplicity. Here, we don’t use a lot of furniture or decoration items. With just a few items so the room looks simple but still attractive.

Simple Monochrome Bedroom

Another advantage of the monochrome concept in this bedroom design is that this rooms will look much more brighter, thanks to the uses of many white colors. Thus, this design concept is suitable for any rooms that don’t have a lot of natural lighting from the window.

Simple Natural Bedroom

The use of large carpet also adds the neat impression to the room, and is also functioning as a barrier between the room areas.

White monochrome bedroom

Finally, the use of indoor plants both natural and artificial ones is a good finishing to give a little natural green impression to this modern bedroom, and make it feel more fresh.

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