Stylish Grey and Pink Girls Bedroom with Wall Tree Decals

Stylish and beautiful grey and pink bedroom for girls with tree decals on the wall.

Grey Pink Girls Bedroom with Tree Decals

The recent project that we’ve finished is this grey and pink bedroom for girls with big wall tree decals. The goals of this project is to create a chic, soft and beautiful bedroom for kids (girls), using one big wall tree stickers as main vocal point for this bedroom.

For this project, we will keep everything simple and not too much overcomplicate things. Just a simple bedroom with a few decor and furnishing to make it looks beautiful. And here is the result of our works :

Grey and Pink Bedroom for Girls

The big tree sticker put in the wall behind the bed. Just this one thing only can made a big difference in the bedroom. As we painted all of this bedroom walls with light grey, we choose the sticker with dark grey color so it looks flawless and blended well with the wall paint color.

The next thing we do is adding two hanging lamp with paper origami style that not only bring unique looks for this bedroom, but also works well as a lamp for the night time.

Pink Girls Bedroom

Although we use pink as a color scheme for this bedroom, we don’t use much of this color here. Just a few pink decoration items as an accent, because we don’t want this bedroom looks to girly.

Item Used in This Girls Bedroom

Elegant and Simple Accent Night Table with White Finish

We choose this beautiful table as our nightstand table for this bedroom. It’s white finish with curved and smooth design blend perfectly with this girls bedroom. Although it’s small size, this table can save and organize lot of nighttime accessories thanks to it’s drawer.

Origami Paper Pendant Lamp Shade White Vanilla Bliss

This unique origami paper hanging lamp give this bedroom more artistic feels. Available in lot of color options such as blue, grey, peach, white, yellow and red, the white ones is the most perfect for this current bedroom design.

Large Tree Wall Decals with Birds Stunning Vinyl Wall Sticker

This sticker/decal is one of the most vital part of this design because it’s became the main vocal point for this bedroom. Using high quality vinyl materials to ensure it had high durability, this nursery style items came with matte finish to make it looks great.

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