Beautiful and Romantic Pink Scandinavian Bedroom

Beautiful and romantic white and pink Scandinavian bedroom interior design ideas.

Pink Scandinavian Bedroom

White and grey are the most common used color for Scandinavian decor. But do you know that any other colors, especially pastel colors can also be used to create a beautiful Scandinavian room, in this case, bedroom.

In this project, we try to create a beautiful and romantic Scandinavian bedroom using white and pink decor.

Another concept that we try to accomplish is to keep this bedroom design simple, without using too much unnecessary items and decor.

And here is the result :

Beautiful Pink Scandinavian Bedroom

As you can see, although pink is our primary color for this bedroom design, we only used it for the wall paint. But this is more than enough to get our desired amount of pink colors for this bedroom.

For the furnishing, we mostly used items with dominant white colors.

To bring more natural feels to this bedroom, we need to add some plants and vegetation. For the better results, we use real plants here, not artificial ones.

Pink Scandinavian bedroom

To finish this bedroom, we add simple Scandinavian style decorative framed wall art.

Item Used in this Pink Scandinavian Bedroom

White Accent Round Metal End Table Convenient Patio Steel

For nightstand table in this bedroom, we choose white round metal convenient patio steel that has unique design. Made with waterproof and durable material, this accent table can hold up any heavy items.

Single Head Minimalist Chandelier White Ceiling Pendant Light

This Single Head Minimalist Chandelier White compliment perfectly with this pink Scandinavian bedroom design. With modern high quality aluminium material combine with wood, it bring warm and romantic feels to the bedroom.

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