Simple Natural Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Simple and natural scandinavian bedroom design ideas.

Applying the Scandinavian style into bedroom design concept is not always difficult, you can make it simple and easy. In this post, we will give an example of creating a Scandinavian style bedroom design that you can duplicate and apply easily to your bedroom.

The interior design of this Scandinavian bedroom using the concept of simple and natural. Here we only white and light-colored wood accents. Although it looks very simple, but still showed Scandinavian style from the bedroom design.

This is a common idea in Scandinavian style room design, where a room usually only used 2 or 3 different types of colors in one room design.

Simple Natural Scandinavian Bedroom Design

The entire wall of this bedroom only use white paint, without any other color combination. This not only makes the bedroom look more clean but also gives the room more spacious looks and feels.

On the floor, we used wood texture parquet materials with bright wood colors. Besides parquet, other materials such as vinyl can also be used if you want to get a floor like this one.

The majority of the furniture chosen for this bedroom are using wood materials with similar wood colors as the floor to give a more integrated and seamless feels.

Natural Scandinavian Bedroom

To keep this bedroom look simple and clean, we don’t use a lot of furniture or any extra decoration.

Mirror is also used to gives more spacious impression of the room. This is very effective for a room that doesn’t have much space like this one.

Simple White Scandinavian Bedroom

Finally, the use of simple Scandinavian-style greyscale picture for wall art is the cherry on top for the final touch for Scandinavian style to this cozy bedroom.

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