Small Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Minimalist and Luxurious small modern bedroom design

Small Modern Bedroom – Minimalist and luxurious Style

Minimal and luxurious are words often used in describing interior spaces and styles. However, these words often signify two ends of a spectrum and are assumed to be exclusive of each other.

The understanding of minimalist design is as a design devoid of items and emotions. Luxurious design, on the other hand, brings to mind gold and silver finished surfaces and plush fabrics.

A room can be both minimalist and luxurious, without the need to be on the extreme end by being a bare design or by overusing gilded surfaces.

Small Modern Bedroom

This modern bedroom design is an ideal example of the coexistence of styles and shows that luxury can be tailored to small spaces. To create this balance, the design uses a mix of materials in monochromatic shades.

With the use of materials such as marble and laminates in lighter colors, the design brings out the existing light, making the room appear larger.

Modern Bedroom Decor

Travertine, a natural stone used for centuries in buildings such as the Colosseum and favored by renowned architects such as Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, is used on the back wall to create a textured surface that adds to the character of the room.

Marble, another natural stone that has captured imaginations since ages, balances out the wall and brings focus by creating a contrast. The black colored marble with white veins showcases luxury and style that is understated and stylish.

The marble is used on the bottom half of the wall to create the headboard, while the protrusion of the marble from the travertine creates a space for decor items such as paintings. Wall mounted bedside lamps are also incorporated into the marble, creating a minimal and functional design.

Rectangular white floating shelves are used as bedside tables in this design. These cleverly hide the storage away within the drawer, creating a clean and open space. The floating nature of the table also prevents it from using up floor space, allowing for a better-looking space and easy maintenance.

Beyond the focus wall, the rest of the walls use white laminate that reflects and spreads the natural light from the windows, creating a calm and serene environment that is covered in light. The glossy finish on the laminate also makes it easy to keep clean with a simple wipe down, making it a low maintenance solution.

The flooring uses white marble tiles to evoke the feeling of opulence. The bed rests on an isle created using a faux fur rug in stripes of black and off white. This balances the hard finishes used on the wall, with the plush bed and rug creating a soft surface to rest on.

A modern minimalist chandelier of interlacing rings hangs from the ceiling and lights up the room. The silver rings pair perfectly with the rest of the room, bringing together the design which is as simple as it is elegant.

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