Small Modern Black Bedroom with Wood Accent

Elegant small modern black bedroom with wood accent.
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Small Modern Black Bedroom

Today, small bedroom gains a lot of popularity, that’s why we decide to create another small bedroom design. Today, we create small bedroom using black and white color scheme with modern style and a little touch of wood accent.

It’s not an easy task to integrate wood materials into black bedroom, but finally our team did the task very well with amazing result as you can see in this picture below.

Small modern black bedroom

One of the most important trick is to choose the perfect wood texture and colors. Avoid wood with old and dark texture and colors as it’s difficult to blend with modern style bedroom.

The wood materials placed vertically in the wall behind the bed. We add some vertical lines in the wall to give more modern and elegant accent.

Modern black small bedroom

As we usually did in the other small bedroom design, we keep the bedroom looks simple without using too many unnecessary decorations. That’s important to keep the bedroom looks clean and tidy.

One of the most common problem found when decorating bedroom with black color is the bedroom feels to dark, but it’s not happen in this bedroom. The secret is to use white glossy material as much as possible to help brighten up the bedroom.

Item Used in This Bedroom

3 Drawers Black Finish Accent Table With Contemporary Style

This table not only good for adding some modern and contemporary atmosphere into this bedroom, but also works well to keep and organize any night time essentials on it’s three drawers to keep clutter hidden. This black table also versatile as it not only can be used for nightstand table, but also can be used as an end table.

Black Hanging Pendant Lights with Unique Perforated Lampshade

With simple but stylish design, this pendant lamp had unique perforated lampshade, where it let’s the light flow through small hole to create an artistic and warm ambiance to this bedroom. And it’s black aluminium finish is blend perfectly with this modern black bedroom design style.

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