Stylish Small Scandinavian Bedroom

Stylish small scandinavian bedroom design for your home or apartment bedroom ideas.

Small Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas

Scandinavian style homes have been trending of late, and for good reason. The style focuses on creating indoor spaces that are a sanctuary from the cold scandinavian winters. These spaces are thus inspired by nature, using natural materials, an abundance of plants and light, and aim to create a space that is as cozy as it could be.

Small Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian design style is perfect for small apartments as the design is all about finding the best ways to utilise the space. Pieces that are beautiful and minimal finds a home in this style. This small scandinavian bedroom ideas utilises these principles by using a two tone wall scheme using white and light grey color, allowing for the maximum amount of light to be reflected within the space from the large windows.

Tall wardrobe units are inbuilt into the wall that allow more space within the room and gives a sleek look to the wardrobe, while also providing enough and more storage within. The large bed in blue creates a cool tone within the room, while providing a cushy and soft space that is the epitome of coziness.

Stylish Scandinavian Bedroom

A tall plant near the head of the bed basks in the sunlight from the window, and creates a serene setting to wake up in, with sunlight and greenery. Behind the head of the bed and near the plant rests large artworks. The plant based art not only adds to the green around, but also balances the visual weight of the tall plant. Wall lighting above provides focus lighting onto the plants and artwork, while also being a beautiful visual element by itself.

A simple circular side table in wood stands next to the bed, providing space for items to be kept away while almost disappearing into the light wood flooring. This makes the space look large and seamless. A central Scandinavian style lamp above the bed features all the characteristics of a Scandinavian piece. Shaped like a chestnut and using wood as the primary material, it consists of soft curves and a style that makes it an art in itself.

The room captures the essence of Scandinavian design perfectly, creating a bedroom that is delightful and warm. It is a great example of how small scandinavian bedroom designs can be made to be comfortable and stylish by taking into consideration each of the items that are placed within.

It also provides ideas on how indoor plants and artworks can be paired efficiently to maximize their impact within a space. The bedroom design takes into consideration the needs of the user, and comes out as a clear winner for how a small apartment can be styled.

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