Vintage Classic Gray Bedroom Design

Cozy and comfort vintage classic gray bedroom design.

Vintage Gray Bedroom

The main purpose of every bedroom is to be a place to rest and relax comfortably, that’s why natural palettes is the most ideal for any bedrooms. That’s one reason why we use gray as one of the natural color palettes as our main color in this bedroom. .

This bedroom is designed using classic and vintage style. This style, despite often considered old-fashioned, can produce a cozy, casual and even romantic touch into the bedroom.

Vintage grey bedroom

There are many different meanings when it comes to vintage design and decoration, but the point is, vintage style in means decorating the room with colors, accessories, furniture and others accessories that were popular 10-20 years ago. If it’s more than 20 years, usually that doesn’t count as vintage anymore but considered as antique ones.

Many people like vintage style for their bedroom because with this style, people can escape and forget the stress from their daily modern life.

Another advantage of the vintage style is, this design style is very easy to create , and, relatively cheaper when compared to any other decoration style.

As you can see, this bedroom design is quite simple, but it produce a soft and soothing vintage ambient that can make anyone feels comfortable to spend time and relax inside this bedroom.

We pay close attention when choosing the bed, arm chairs and other furniture and accessories for this bedroom where we not only choose any items that looks vintage, but also pay close attention to the style composition and color integrity so that they can produce a bedroom that looks flawless.

As a cherry on top of this bedroom design, we added 3 canvas wall art decorations that not only looks vintage, but also beautiful and has some character and artistic touch that makes this bedroom feel more attractive.

Item Used in This Grey Bedroom

Vintage, Simple and Fresh White Solid Hardwood Nightstand Table

One thing that we like most about this table is that besides having good functionality and storage capacity, it has a vintage and fashionable look. This vintage, simple nightstand table is available in 3 different colors : walnut, gray and white. We choose the white ones to give a simple but classy impression that is needed to improve the overall looks of this bedroom. Made from solid hardwood construction, not only makes this table sturdy, but also durable and can last for decades to come.

White Ceramic Table Lamp with Artistic Base and White Fabric Shade

To make this bedroom doesn’t look boring, we choose this lamp as our table lamp which has some modern touch. With an artistic white ceramic base, making this table lamp looks visually stunning and stylish. Coupled with fabric shade that also in white, perfecting the overall appearance of this table lamp, that make this table lamp can be blended perfectly in any bedroom design style, from modern, contemporary to vintage one such as this bedroom.

Contemporary Accent Table with French Grey Finish

To accompany the armchair that we place in this bedroom, we need to put an end table beside it, and our choice goes to this accent table. Actually, this end table has 4 different choices of colors, ash gray, natural wood, red and white birch. And we choose the ash gray/french grey ones as it’s match with our main color scheme for this bedroom, gray. What makes this table unique is that this table has a combination of contemporary and vintage style, and it makes this table blend well with our bedroom design.

Vintage Wood Framed Canvas Print Wall Art Decor – 3 Panel

To make this bedroom design perfect, we need to add a wall decoration that not only looks beautiful, but can make this room look much more attractive. And there is no better choice than this wood framed canvas print wall art consisting of 3 sets. With a vintage look, which is very suitable with the main theme of our bedroom, this wall art decoration not only succeeded to make this bedroom look more attractive, but also appeared as the main focal point of this bedroom.

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