Luxury White and Brown Small Bedroom Design

Elegant and luxurious white and brown small bedroom design.

White and Brown Small Bedroom

Designing a small sized bedroom to have a luxurious look is one tricky job. With a narrow and limited area, it is quite difficult to add some decoration elements and accessories that we really need to help make the bedroom achieve those looks. But this time, we tried to solve this challenge and created a bedroom that is not only looks luxurious, but also feels elegant and most importantly it’s still comfortable to live in even though the bedroom doesn’t had much space.

In this bedroom design, we use a different approach from any other luxurious style bedroom, where this time we use a two color composition that is rarely been used when made a luxurious bedroom interior designs, white and brown. In fact, with the right and appropriate design, these two colors can produce a bedroom that looks simple yet still attractive and eye-catching.

Luxury white and brown small bedroom

One important thing in making a bedroom designs in a limited area is to limit the number of furniture, decoration items and accessories used. Avoid any of them that are not necessary. However, every element that finally used must have a strong character to exude a luxurious ambient in line with our original goal when designing this bedroom.

And the results, as you can see in the image above, despite having a small size, this room managed to look luxurious, attractive but still simple and comfortable to be a place to rest and relax.

Another important key is to pay attention to every little detail in this bedroom, especially on every edges and corners where in this bedroom we use a lot of molding trim both on the walls and ceiling to add more elegant impression to this room.

The use of a full height mirror on the wall of the room also plays an important role not only to make the room look more elegant, but also help make the bedroom feel more spacious.

Another important thing when decorating a small bedroom like this is that you must have sufficient lighting, especially natural ones. Therefore, we made a large window that’s quite enough to provide the natural light that we need.

Some wood elements also added into this bedroom. Although not too much, but it’s enough to give a bit of natural impression to help balance the overall design of the bedroom.

Items Used in This White Brown Bedroom

Contemporary Style 1 Drawer Nightstand with White and Oak Finish

Although it looks simple, this nightstand table has a very fashionable looks by combining modern and contemporary concepts into a table. Added with its wooden accents that work very well to balance the overall appearance of this table to make it versatile and can be used well in various types of bedroom designs. With 1 drawer and an open shelf below it, this table has a good enough storage capacity to store any books or your nighttime essentials.

Gold Brushed Brass and White Glass Modern Chandelier Pendant Lamp

Luxurious and elegant bedrooms are incomplete without the use of a main lamp that is able to stand out and help make the bedroom more attractive. For that purpose, we chose this gold and white modern chandelier pendant lamp as the main lamp for this white and brown bedroom. With the combination of brushed brass finish and white glass globe, this lamp does not only looks modern, but also glamorous and very suitable to be placed in any room that wants to have a stunning appearance.

Modern Table Lamp with White Ceramic Geometric Base and Fabric Shade

Made using only one color, white, making this table lamp looks very simple at a glance. But if you look at it more closely, you can feel the luxurious aura and artistic feels from this lamp, thanks to the geometrical shape used on the lamp base. Then it finished with white gloss ceramic that adds the beauty and elegant appearance of this lamp to make it perfect to used in this bedroom design.

Modern Canvas Wall Art with Gray Abstract Artwork Painting

As we said before, one of our goals from this bedroom is that we want to keep this bedroom simple and avoid overuse of unnecessary decorations such as wall art. Thus, we choose only 1 wall art to keep this bedroom simple but also can help bring more artistic and elegant ambient into the bedroom, and this modern canvas wall art with gray abstract artwork painting does this job perfectly.

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