White Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

White Scandinavian bedroom interior design ideas

White Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Scandinavian design has captured the attention of the world and has seen a rise in popularity of late. The design style originated from the region of Scandinavia in Europe, consisting of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

The Scandinavian style is defined by the use of natural materials and finishes and functional design. Developed on the concept of being accessible to all, these designs use local arts and crafts and avoid embellishments.

White Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Minimalism is practiced to an extent in this style, where excesses of all kinds are avoided and what is important to the person and provides comfort and contentment are valued. Practical furniture and design pieces that fulfill specific functions are valued over purely aesthetic ones.

This  white Scandinavian bedroom design captures the concept of the design style perfectly, using a wide variety of natural materials and finishes to create a space that invites nature in.

Parquet wood finished in white is used as flooring to create a space that emanates warmth while the wooden wall echo the flooring and create consistency in the style. A simple patterned rug uses various shades of brown to bring about color.

White Scandinavian Bedroom

The rug also creates a space to lounge about at the base of the bed, basking in the light. The four-legged bed is slightly raised above the floor, ensuring that there is no space for dust to settle. The bed uses white and brown wood patterned laminate that combines well with the rest of the furniture.

A three-legged bedside table in white and bamboo finish reflect the Scandinavian design ideal of using neutral colors and natural materials. A wall-mounted lamp sits above the bedside table, with the copper-gold color of the Scandinavian style lamp combined with the white lampshade bringing a touch of elegance to the overall color scheme.

The bed is framed on the other end by a side table that provides storage and display space. Keeping with the color scheme, the white table features bamboo colored legs and fabric drawers in various pastel shades like grey, olive and brown.

Scandinavian Bedroom Design

The side table can be used to store away items while providing an easily accessible display space for books or children’s toys. Square white frames hang above the table on the wall displaying various graphic prints. A coat rack in white and bamboo finish aligns with the design style and provides space for clothes and bags to be hung, keeping the space tidy.

The overall color scheme of the room ensures that the room is bathed in light while creating a space that exudes warmth and positive energy. The room creates an environment that is conducive to sleep, to relax and read a book or to be with your family, allowing toddlers to play around in the space.

The warm and soft finishes make the room safe for small children to run around and play to their heart’s content. The room captures the Scandinavian concept of hygge, and allows one to be cozy, joyful and content.

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