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Tips, trick, guide and creative ideas on how to decorate a corner to make it much more attractive and functionals.

Most of the time, corner are left forgotten when doing some interior design and decor. Unfortunately, this small spaces can make a big difference in overall room appearance. No matter how good your room design or decor, when the corner area of the room are left behind, your entire room will looks a little bit awkward with an uncompleted feels.

That's one of the main reason why decorating a corner is as important as decorating any other parts of the room.

And actually, decorating corner can also bring a lot of other benefits.

Firstly, you can use them as a place to put some decor items or furniture that will help make the entire space feels much more attractive. Moreover, you can make use of your corner to be more functional rather than left them empty. For example, you can put some corner cabinet to add additional storage spaces for your room, or you can put a corner table there and turn the unused corner to become a home office.

And there are endless possibility that you can do with the corner, whether it's bedroom corner or living room corner.

To help you get the best out of your empty corner space, we already wrote some great article that we hope can give you more insight and inspiration on how to decorate a corner. And here they are :

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How to Decorate a Corner Shelf – 10 Unique Ideas

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9 Best Corner Nightstand Table

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10 Rustic Corner Shelf Ideas

10 Rustic Corner Shelf Ideas

Corner is one of the most difficult areas inside a home to manage, arrange or maximize its function. One of the simple tricks and solutions for utilizing this area is to use corner shelves. By using a corner shelf, you can turn this spaces to become more useful by becoming a storage area for...

12 Bedroom Corner Ideas – How to Decorate a Bedroom Corner

12 Bedroom Corner Ideas – How to Decorate a Bedroom Corner

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Frequently Asked Questions About Decorating a Corner

How to Make a Dark Corner Brighter?

A corner can become dark and gloomy space especially when there are no windows around it. And here are some tricks that you can do to make those dark corner become much more brighter than before :

Add Mirror

This is one of our favorite method to brighten a dark corner. By using mirror, you can direct any light sources (windows or lamps) to the corner. To make sure that you get the best results, place the mirror near any main light source inside the room, such as the biggest windows. Another important things is to use a large mirror rather than a small ones, as it would bring a more noticeable effects.

Add More Lamps

Another ways that you can use to improve your dark corner spaces is by placing some additional light source there. Any kind of lighting can works well, even just a group of string lights.

Use High Reflective Items

Glossy and high reflective objects or decoration items such as marble vases can help reflect and spread the light, thus will make the area become brighter.

Use Bright Area Rug

This tricks can be really useful especially for a room with dark flooring. By using a bright area rug in your corner, not only you can make the entire corner area looks more vibrant and bright, but also it can make those space more attractive and stylish.

Repaint Your Walls

By repainting your walls using a more bright colors, you can make the entire space brighter, thus it can help improve the corner.

How to Decorate a Large Living Room Corner?

Most of the time, decorating a small corner tend to be much easier than a large ones. In a small corner, a piece or two decor items can instantly improve it’s appearance. But when it comes to a large corner, things can be more complicated.

If you have a large empty corner in your living room, here are some of our suggestion to help make it looks better :

Make it Functionals

Decorating a large space without a clear purpose will only make things more complicated. Thus, before start decorating your corner, it’s better for you to have a clear goals and purpose on what do you want your corner to be. And one of the best choice is to make it more functionals. For example, you can use your corner as a holiday office, a snack or coffee bar, or a reading spaces.

Deciding to turn the unused corner into a more functional spaces not only help you had a clear vision on how you want your corner be, but also can be very beneficial for you to have an extra space to do what you love.

Make Use of Area Rug

An area rug is an easy and simple way to make any space doesn’t look really empty anymore. It can also make your corner feels like a separate space and it can be quite beneficial for a large living room.

Put a Large Decoration Items

While in a smaller corner, you can easily put one or two vases and the entire corner will look much better. But it won’t work in a large corner. However, you can use the similar principle, but this time using a much more larger decoration items. For example, instead of using a small vases or planter, you can put a really large artificial tree in your living room corner.

Another example is that instead of using small or medium size wall art in your corner walls, you can use a huge giant wall art to decorate the corner walls.

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