Decorating Around TV

Complete ideas and guide on decorating around Tv to create an enjoyable watching experience.

A Tv should be a main focal point on it's wall, thus many homeowners doesn't really like to do any decorating or put any accessories around it to avoid them being distracted while watching their favourite Tv shows.

However, sometimes this approach can make your Tv wall look empty, thus make it feels boring and monotonous. Especially when you had a large wall behind the Tv.

The most ideal approach to solve this problem is by doing some light decoration around the Tv to make it feels a bit more attractive, but still keep it as the centerpiece of the entire wall.

Another important thing you should consider is the placement of the Tv. Wrong placement not only will make Tv doesn't really stand out, it also can be your watching experience become quite unexciting.

To help make the wall behind the Tv looks interesting, we shared our ideas to decorating the wall behind Tv. In addition, we also create some expert guide on how to decorating around Tv that can help you create an ideal watching environtment. Without further ado, here they are :

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Frequently Asked Questions About Decorating Around TV

What is Best Color for Wall Behind TV?

Choosing the right paint color for the wall behind Tv can be a tricky and confusing job. If you are choosing the wrong ones, not only it will make your entertainment wall look awkward but also can disrupt you when watching your favorite movies. To help you avoid this disaster, here are some of our recommendation for best paint color that you can use for the wall behind your Tv :


This is one of the most easy, simple and risk free solutions. Painting the wall behind your Tv with white can create a crisp, clean walls that will create some contrast between the wall and Tv thus will help make your screen stand out as the main focus on the wall. However, there are some special cases when white can be a bad choice and you should avoid using it. For example, an entertainment wall that get direct sunlight from outside should be avoid using white as it will reflect a lot of natural light and can distract you when watching your Tv.


If you want a more balanced look for your wall, than gray is the best options. It has neutral characteristic to bring a cozy and relaxing vibe that is very useful for an entertainment spaces to help you enjoy spending a lot of your time there.


An entertainment wall can be a great place to create an accent wall, and if you want to do this, than charcoal or any dark gray tone can be a great choice for this particular job. Using this kind of color not only create a bold and depth look, but also will minimize the distraction that often occur when painting the wall behind Tv using any light shade.

What Decor Items to Put Beside Tv Stand?

If you are using a tv stand in a relatively large spaces, than most of time, it will look weird especially if there are no other items next to it. And here are some decoration items that you can put beside your tv stand to help make the area feels “completed” and attractive :

A pair of Tall Cabinets

This options will works great both for decorative and functionality point of view. Not only it will fill the empty area beside your tv stand, a tall cabinet also can be very beneficial to be a storage space that you can put and organize any items. To get the best results, make sure you choose the tall ones that is higher than your Tv. Furthermore, we prefer using two cabinets for each side of the Tv stand to create an elegant and nice looks.

Large Artificial Plants

Many scientist recommended to rest our eyes and see any fresh greenery objects for 10 minutes for every 50 minutes watching Tv or Computers to keep our eyes healthy. Rather than having to leave your comfy couch to see them outside, you can make this easier by put some artificial plants right next to your tv stand. This approach also will make your entire space, especially the area around the Tv, feels more fresh and natural.

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