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Complete guide on how to decorating with mirror.

Today, mirror is not only used as an object that used for personal grooming. It's had become an essential items that would bring a lot of benefits, especially for any small rooms.

Many interior designer use it to manipulate our visual perception to make a room feels much more larger than it's actually is. Futhermore, a mirror can reflects a lot of natural lights and help brighten the entire spaces.

And last but not least, a mirror - especially a decorative ones, can make any room looks much more attractive and interesting. Whether you go with a gorgeous and luxurious mirror with gold frame for your glamorous room, or a mirror with beautiful wooden frame for a vintage style decor, there are always a perfect decorative mirror that will fit perfectly into your space.

If you are still afraid to use mirror to enhance your spaces, than we will give you some ideas on how to decorating with mirrors. We also written some honest reviews on some kind of decorative mirror that would be helpful for you who are looking to buy ones. Without further ado, here they are :

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Frequently Asked Questions About Decorating with Mirror

Where to Put Mirror in Bedroom?

Using a mirror can bring a lot of benefits for any bedroom. It can be used to dress up, enhance the bedroom visually, and also can be a great decorative additions to make your interior looks much more attractive and stylish. And here are some of our recommendation on best place to put mirror in a bedroom :

Double Mirror Behind Nightstand/Bedside Table

One of the most ideal place to put mirror in the bedroom is behind the nightstand at each side of the bed. Installing mirror in this positions will create a beautiful symmetric visual appearance, thus will make any bedroom looks elegant. To get the most, use a pair of tall or full height mirror. However, this placement indeed works best for decorative purpose only.

Large Wall Mirror Behind The Bed

Another options that you can use to incorporate wall mirror to your bedroom interior is by placing it behind your bed. Any round mirror or horizontally aligned mirror works best for this positions. This will make the mirror become the main gorgeous centerpiece of the bedroom, thus, using any attractive, unique or beautifully framed mirror is mandatory if you want to put your mirror here.

How to Make Bedroom Look Bigger with Mirror?

Beside it’s decorative and functional capabilities, mirror also can be used to create a visual manipulation to trick our eyes and make any bedroom look bigger and spacious. And here are how you can do it :

Placing the Mirror Across the Windows

The best ways to use mirror to make a bedroom feel larger is by placing it across the windows. This will make the mirror reflects a lot of natural sunlight from outside, make it spread evenly through the entire bedroom, and will make the entire space looks brighter and feel a bit more larger.

Use a Large Wall Mirror

Another great way to visually make a small bedroom looks larger is by installing a large wall mirror, or even better if you are covering one entire part of a wall using custom wall mirror. Surely, it will cost you a significant amount of money, but the results that you’ll get should be worth it.

How to Decorate a Wall Mirror?

For any mirror that already had gorgeous or beautifully finished frame, usually you don’t need to do anything with it as it’s already looks wonderful. However, if you are installing a frameless wall mirror, decorating it can be mandatory as it would looks awkward. Here are some ideas that you can do to decorate any boring wall mirror :

Frame it using Molding or Trim

One of our favorite approach to decorate a frameless wall mirror is by create a custom wall frame using molding or trim to frame the entire mirror. This will make those mirror look integrated and flawless with the entire walls.

Add Some More!

If your mirror is too small and looks distorted with another objects and elements around it, we recommend you to add more mirror and group them together. Surely, it would be perfect if you are adding the same or at least similarly designed mirror, but sometimes, adding a completely different mirror can create a beautiful aesthetic visual appearance.

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