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Flooring complete guide and ideas for home decor and interior design.

Floors - alongside with walls and ceiling, is the elements who cover the most part of a room. In interior design and decor worlds, it's like a background or blank canvas where later on it would be painted using furniture and decoration items to create a stunning piece of art.

Unfortunately, most home owners doesn't paying much attention when it comes to floors - compared with another part or elements such as walls. Even though, a perfect choice of flooring can make or break a room appearance.

Floors can be used to shape the perception of the room. Furthermore, it can determine the visual ambient for the entire space.

However, choosing the perfect floors for your space can be a quite complicated job - especially when compared with another element such as walls or ceiling.

Not only you should determine the general type of materials for your floors - wood, tiles, plasters, etc. Every single materials also had a lot of different other choice, such as the kind of wood, kind of tiles, the colors, patterns, texture, and many more.

To make your flooring choice less stressfull, we want to help by providing some general guidelines for flooring. We also wrote some article related to flooring that can expand your knowledge. Without further ado, here they are :

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8 Best Floor Color for Tan Walls (With Images)

8 Best Floor Color for Tan Walls (With Images)

While some people may think that tan wall paint is out of style, lot of others still rely on this beautiful color to create a natural and warm interior spaces. And honestly, we are thinking the same. Tan paint color still useful and can be used to follow the recent trend in interior design and...

10 Best Floor Color for Blue Walls (with Images)

10 Best Floor Color for Blue Walls (with Images)

Blue is everyone’s favorite, this color bringing cool and soothing ambience into any room, especially when used as the wall paint color. This flexible color can be used in almost any interior design style. Another advantage of using blue wall paint is that this color is relatively easy to...

What Color Furniture Goes with Gray Flooring? Our Ideas with Images

What Color Furniture Goes with Gray Flooring? Our Ideas with Images

Gray flooring – whether it’s hardwood, vinyl, tile, marble, etc, can bring an elegant and modern touch into any space. It’s very versatile and can be blend easily with any different room decor style, while it’s neutral shade had a perfect balance that will make the entire...

Gray Floors What Color Walls? Here’s Our Best 10 Color Suggestions

Gray Floors What Color Walls? Here’s Our Best 10 Color Suggestions

Gray is a neutral color and can be easily blend with any other colors. But it’s quite different when it comes to flooring. Searching the perfect wall colors for gray flooring can be a tricky job. It’s much more easier to choose wall paint for another floor. If you had any room inside...

How to Restore Shine to Marble Floors (10 Most Effective Ways)

How to Restore Shine to Marble Floors (10 Most Effective Ways)

Marble flooring is mostly chosen by homeowners because of its high durability, affordability, and it adds elegance to any home. Marble also reflects light, which helps give an illusion of a bigger space in any area. Shiny marble tiles What Causes Marble Floors to Lose its Shine? We...

How to Make Wood Floors Look New Again (8 Effective Ways)

How to Make Wood Floors Look New Again (8 Effective Ways)

Wood is a type of organic material that tends to become opaque over time due to lack of maintenance or certain care, which is why you must find an ideal method for its conservation and to make it look like new. If you go a long time without doing proper maintenance to your wooden floor, you...

10 Best Floor Color for Gray Walls (Experiment with Images)

10 Best Floor Color for Gray Walls (Experiment with Images)

We get a lot of the following questions: What color floor goes with gray walls? To get an accurate answer with strong evidence, we conducted an experiment by trying 30+ (34 if you want the exact number) different flooring in our test room with a gray wall. This experiment resulting several...

Best Flooring for Living Room with Pets

Best Flooring for Living Room with Pets

Best Flooring for Living Room for Pets Owner Most pet owners normally face serious problems with their floors. Their pets have sharp claws or toenails which damage the floors of the different rooms in their house. They also damage or spoil the floor by the kind of stains they bring in after...

Frequently Asked Question About Flooring

How to Make a Room Feels Larger Using Flooring

Flooring can be used to manipulate our visual perception to make a room feels larger or bigger, and here are some tricks to do this :

  • Install wood floor parallel to the longest side of your room.
  • Use big floor plank rather than the narrow ones.
  • Choose big tiles for tile flooring.
  • Use bright, glossy and high reflective floor materials.

How to Polish Marble Floors

Marble floors is a popular choice to create an elegant and luxurious space. Thus, you need to keep its shiny and glossy looks to maintain it’s glamorous looks. And here is some easy and simple steps to polish your marble floors :


Before polishing your marble floors, it’s very important to remove any stains. The easiest ways to do this is by gently rubbing the floors using a microfiber cloth with combinations of warm water and natural detergent, and then rinse it thoroughly.


To get the best results, you can use any liquid marble polishing to polish your marble. Using a clean cloth, apply the liquid to the marble floors and let it dry about 3-4 hours. After that, use a microfiber cloth with warm water to gently wipe down the marble in circular motion until you get the glossiness that you want.

Future Protection

To avoid your marble losses it’s glossiness quickly, you can use a liquid marble protection.

Which Direction to Lay Wooden Flooring?

The direction of the wood flooring plank/board can create a different visual effects. Thus, to find the perfect wood floors direction for your space, you need to know what do you want your room looks to be.

If you had a large room but feels empty without too much furniture items inside, install your wood flooring parallel to the shortest wall. This will make the space looks a bit tighter, and it can make your room doesn’t feels quite empty anymore.

As opposite, if you had a small room and want to make it feels a bit more spacious, than you can lay your wood plank parallel to the longest wall. This will manipulate our eyes and make the space a little bit larger.

How to Remove Scratches on Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a synthetic products that created using a multiple layer of laminations with plastic elements on the top layer. Similar with other materials that using plastic as it’s main finishes, scratched laminate flooring cannot be sanded, and you must use wax or putty to repair it.

So, if you want to repair your scratched laminate flooring, the first thing to do is you must buy a wax or putty with the same or at least similar colors with your floors.

For minor scratches, use wax to fill all the scratches, and then use clean cloth to gently buff the edges until the scratches looks disappeared.

For a larger or deeper scratch, you should use a floor repair putty. Apply the putty using the putty knife across the scratch until the scratch filled completely. Then, using the knife, flatten the putty to make it flat and even with the surrounding surfaces. Let it dry for several hours.