Interior Lighting Ideas, Guides and Reviews

The complete guides and ideas to improve your interior lighting to the next level.

A lot of people often doesn't take interior lighting seriuosly when designing and decorating their spaces. They may think that interior lighting only used to lighten up the room when the sun sets.

In facts, lighting is much more beyond that.

First of all, a beautifully designed lamps can be a great decorative addition that help make the entire spaces much more attractive and stylish.

Secondly, lighting can be used to manipulate the entire room atmosphere. This can be achieved by how you position the lighting and the choice of shade, rays and direction of the lamps.

Moreover, you can highlight certain objects or part of your space to make them stand out more. For example, you can direct a lighting into your favorite wall art collections so when everyone entered the room, they will instantly see them.

Last but not least, a layered lighting can create a beautiful ambience that not only illuminates the entire spaces, but also can create a romantic and pleasant athmosphere.

If you want to improve your home interior lighting, we had some usefull article written by our interior design expert that you can use as a guide or ideas to bring your lighting game into the next level.

Our Latest Interior Lighting Ideas, Guides and Reviews Article

Best Floor Lamp for Scandinavian Living Room

Best Floor Lamp for Scandinavian Living Room

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10 Best Gold Wall Lamps for Bedroom

10 Best Gold Wall Lamps for Bedroom

When creating an elegant and luxurious bedroom, any small items or details can make a big impact. And one of our favorite “small” objects to add more luxury feels into a bedroom is wall lamps/sconce. From the interior design perspective, a great wall lights can bring a lot of...

10 Beautiful and Glam Rose Gold Table Lamp for Bedroom

10 Beautiful and Glam Rose Gold Table Lamp for Bedroom

Rose gold home decor is getting more and more popularity in recent years. This kind of style is famous because it’s bring an elegant and glamorous touch in a slightly feminine way. Few years ago, it’s quite difficult to find any rose gold furniture or decoration items. But now, there...

The 10 Best Scandinavian Table Lamp / Bedside Lamp in 2021

The 10 Best Scandinavian Table Lamp / Bedside Lamp in 2021

Scandinavian-style interior design is famous for its soothing and calm colors scheme combined with a simple yet stylish and artistic design. As one of the most popular design styles, many people used this design style concept to their homes. To apply Scandinavian style design properly, the...

Frequently Asked Questions About Interior Lighting

Why is Lighting so Important in Interior Design?

Lighting not only works to brighten up any dark space, but it also important to improve the look and feel of any space. Furthermore, you can use lighting to create any specific vibe and atmosphere that you want for your space, whether it’s cozy, relaxing or even a romantic ambient.

In a small spaces, lighting can be used to visually manipulate our eyes to make those space looks a bit more larger and spacious.

Which is the Best, Using One Big Main Light or Several Smaller Lighting?

Just using one big main lighting can make your space appear cold, small and it will also create some shadow effects that usually darken some area of the room. Thus, we highly recommend using several smaller warm lamp to create a welcoming lighting scheme that also will keep the atmosphere friendly.

What is the Difference Between Task Lighting and Ambient Lighting?

Task lighting refer to lighting that is used to facilitate certain task or area, such as reading, dining, or highlight some wall arts. Some kind of lamps that often used as a task lighting are small downlight, pendant light, reading lamp and spotlights.

Meanwhile, ambient lighting is any lighting that used to create particular mood and atmosphere into the entire spaces. When it comes to ambient lighting, you can use wall sconces, lamp table, floor lamp and chandeliers.

How High to Mount Wall Lamp / Wall Sconce?

Wall lamps or wall sconces are best installed where it’s light bulb located at least on our eye level or at around 65 to 70 inches above the floor. Avoid placing it to high as it will look awkward, while installing it too low wouldn’t bring most of it’s benefit into your spaces.

Where to Put Floor Lamp in Living Room?

Here are some best places to put a floor lamp inside your living room :

In the Corner

Most of the time, corner become the part of living room who get the least amount of light, and it will make it look darker compared with any other places. Thus, one of the best place to put your floor lamp in the living room is the corner. Placing floor lamp in the corner also can make it spread a beautiful shade around the corner edges that will make your living room look stylish.

Beside the Couch/Sofa

A living room couch/sofa usually become the place that you will spend most of your time there, so, make this area had sufficient amount of lighting become essentials. And one of the best way to add more lighting to your seating area is by putting a floor lamp beside it.

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