Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

Simple modern and rustic kitchen design styles

Modern Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

The rustic design style has gained a considerable following due to its use of natural materials and ability to bring nature indoors. The style uses wood and stone, often unfinished, and exposed architectural details in the homes.

Natural materials dominate this style that exudes comfort and warmth. The aim is to recreate a look that is part vintage, part outdoor and altogether elegant and timeless.

Modern Rustic Kitchen

This rustic kitchen design uses a variety of materials and finishes that combine well with the modern appliances used and create a space that is inviting and appealing. Wood and marble are the main materials used here. Set against a white wall, the lower cabinets in walnut colored finish match with the island to establish symmetry using wood.

The theme is further carried on to the top of the kitchen, where the chimney is well concealed under a walnut finish wood panel. Tall cabinets in white sit on top of the countertop allowing for easy accessibility and ample storage. The space next to the stove is ideal for keeping all essentials at easy reach, making cooking a delightful experience. Rustic wall sconces in wood with metallic X cages add lighting to the cabinet units.

On the other side, the sink is contained within the island unit which doubles as a dining counter. The spacious island provides enough space for upto three persons to dine while simultaneously allowing for enough space to prepare and cook the food.

This is designed in such a way as to encourage interaction and to keep cooking as a social activity instead of a solitary one. The countertops on both sides uses white marble with grey and black veins, which matches well with the wooden finishes used along the cabinets.

The marble provides a luxurious look to the kitchen. A rustic rectangular chandelier hangs above the island unit, with wooden and black metal finishes that match the kitchen. White and dark brown painted bar stools provide a comfortable seating space to dine in.

Stone tile flooring in grey pairs well with the white and walnut finish wood and marble used in the kitchen and brings a vintage look to the space. A side wall with stone cladding adds texture and character to the overall style of the kitchen, while light wooden beams on the ceiling brings the modern rustic look together.

The kitchen provides a sanctuary from the dreary daily routines, and invites the family to spend time together in a warm and natural environment. To read, work, cook or to simply laze around, this kitchen provides a welcoming place for all.

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