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Nightstand or sometimes called bedside table is an essential items for any bedroom. Not only it can be a beautiful addition, it can also works great to add more additional storage spaces for your bedroom.

Choosing a perfect nightstand for your space can be a quite tricky job. First, you should make sure the nightstand will fit with your current bedroom decor. Secondly, you should consider the storage capacity and make sure it's had plenty enough for your nighttime essentials. Furthermore, the color selection also plays an important role to make it look flawless with your bedroom color scheme. Last but not least, you should carefully measure the dimension of the nightstand whether it will fit into your empty space beside the bed or not - especially if you are not had plenty of available spaces in your bedroom.

To help you make better decision, we had been written some useful nightstand buying guides, ideas and review article to solve each specific problems, and here they are :

Our Latest Nightstand Buying Guide | Nightstand Ideas | Nightstand Review Article

What Color Nightstand Goes with White Bed?

What Color Nightstand Goes with White Bed?

The ultimate goal when decorating a bedroom is to make sure it becomes the perfect place to sleep and relax. And that’s why many homeowners tend to use white as the main palette for their bedroom. This light, neutral shade is obviously the perfect choice to create serene, calm, and soothing...

Easy Yet Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Nightstand Like a Pro

Easy Yet Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Nightstand Like a Pro

Nothing completes the overall interior appeal of a bedroom other than the nightstand d├ęcor. Styling the nightstand is more than just placing essential items to fill an empty space. Nightstand decorating is an art in itself. It acts as the complementary piece of the bed and is considered a...

What Color Nightstand go With Gray Headboard?

What Color Nightstand go With Gray Headboard?

Nightstands are not only important for their functionality, but they can also add more visual interest to your bedroom. That’s why choosing the right one is very essentials in order to create a perfectly interesting space. There are many different starting points to determine what...

What Color Nightstand with Black Bed?

What Color Nightstand with Black Bed?

Today, a black bed is quite popular as it can create a bold look to create an elegant and modern bedroom. But one of the most often found problems when using this furniture is that decorating around a black bed can be a bit more difficult compared with other bed colors. As the closest item beside...

Best Nightstand for Nursery Bedroom Decor

Best Nightstand for Nursery Bedroom Decor

When decorating their nursery bedroom, most parent not really paying attention to the furniture and decor items to create a great bedroom interior. It’s true that your baby may not even care what their bedroom looks like, but have a great nursery decor can make us as a parent feels comfortable...

9 Best Corner Nightstand Table

9 Best Corner Nightstand Table

Nightstand table is one of the most essential items for any bedroom. This small item had a lot of different functionality that is highly beneficial to enhance your bedroom. First, it can work as a decoration item to make your bedroom looks more “completed”. Second, it can be a place for...

10 Best Under 12 Inch Nightstand Table

10 Best Under 12 Inch Nightstand Table

Doesn’t have enough spaces beside your bed to put a nightstand table? Don’t worry, here we give you our list of 10 best under 12 inch nightstand table that not only can fit any small spaces inside your bedroom, but also can be a good additional items for decorating your bedroom while add...

10 Best Rose Gold Nightstand for Glamorous and Beautiful Bedroom in 2021

10 Best Rose Gold Nightstand for Glamorous and Beautiful Bedroom in 2021

Rose gold style is getting more and more popularity in recent years, include in home and interior design world. Furniture and decoration items that use rose gold finish is widely available in any stores or marketplace. Many people are looking for this kind of items is because using rose gold finish...

15 Best Nightstand for Small Spaces | Best Nightstand for Small Bedroom

15 Best Nightstand for Small Spaces | Best Nightstand for Small Bedroom

The nightstand is important bedroom furniture, unfortunately, this item can be quite difficult to place in a small-sized bedroom. If you experience the same problem, don’t worry. In this article, we will share the 15 best nightstands that can fit into your small spaces. The 15 nightstand on...

Frequently Asked Question About Nightstand

What is a Nightstand?

A nightstand, or sometimes called bedside table or night table is a small table that specifically designed to be placed beside the bed. In current interior design trends, this item has two main purpose. First, to be a decorative item to make the bedroom feels “complete” and more attractive, and secondly, to be a place to put any essential items within reach.

How Tall Should a Nightstand be?

When choosing the perfect nightstand for your bedroom, the most important thing is to consider the height of your bed. The ideal nightstand should be at least 2 or 3 inch taller than the bed. Thus, if you are using a standard bed with 25″ height, than you can choose any nightstand with 27″ to 28″ height.

Avoid nightstand shorter than the bed, since not only it will looks awkward, it also can make it difficult to reach any items there from the bed.

How to Make a Nightstand Taller?

There are a lot of different approach that can be used to make a nightstand taller, but one of our favorite is by using an extra tray such as this one :

This is the most simple, easy and affordable ways, and at the same time can make your nightstand looks much better. However, this method is only make your nightstand taller an inch or two. If you need more height, another easy way is by using plastic table wedge and put it below the nightstand legs.

How to Paint a Nightstand?

Painting a nightstand is similar with painting another table or furniture, and one of the most crucial things that can make or break your repaint effort is to choose the perfect kind of paint for your nightstand materials.

For laminate finished nightstand, latex furniture paint is highly recommended as not only it can stick perfectly in the laminate surface, but also can produce a smooth results.

For wood finished nightstand, you can use any wood paint available on the market. To get a better results, you can apply clear wax finish.

Another important thing when repainting a nightstand is to disassemble it and paint each part separately.

How to Decorate a Nightstand?

When decorating a nightstand, don’t overcomplicated things, just keep it simple. Sometimes, one gorgeous table lamp is more than enough especially for a small or narrow nightstand. You can also use it to add more green vibe into your bedroom by put small set of vases with artificial plants.

Where to Buy Nightstand Online?

For an affordable mid-entry level nightstand, general online marketplace such as Amazon or Walmart can be a great starting place to find the perfect nightstand.

But if you want a more high quality ones, you can try some furniture only marketplace such as or ballard design.

Should I Buy One Single Nightstand or a Pair of It?

Ideally, two nightstands is the best options. By placing a nightstand behind each side of your bed can make it look perfectly symmetrical, especially for a master bedroom or a large bedroom.

However, if you only had a limited spaces in your bedroom, than one nightstand can still works, but make sure the other side of the bed is not empty, or better push that side against the wall.

How to add Electrical Outlet to Nightstand?

Today, we cannot live without electricity, even when it’s time to go to bed. Thankfully, today there are a lot of nightstand that had already come with built in electrical outlet.

But if you already had a nightstand that is without it, you can buy an additional plug-in desktop electrical outlet and put it above your nightstand easily.

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