Room Soundproofing Guides

The most complete room soundproofing guides to create a quiet and relaxing interior space.

Even though soundproofing isn't have a direct correlation with interior design and home decor, but it's very essential to create a calm, comfy and relaxing spaces especially when you are living in a metropolitant city with noisy neighbourhood.

Without a proper soundproofing, even a room with perfect design and interior would be worthless as you won't like to stay for a long time in those noisy spaces.

And that's why we also writing some article about room soundproofing that we hope can help you who want to at least reduce the level of noise from outside of your home.

Some of the guides that we will share here is quite easy to implement even if you do it yourself without any help from professional. And most of the time, we like to make use some decorative items that not only works well to reduce the noise, but also can be a great decorative addition that make the room looks better.

Our Latest Room Soundproofing Guides Article

How To Make A Room More Soundproof

How To Make A Room More Soundproof

City life has become fast-paced and noisy at the same time. From the squealing tires of the garbage trucks, blaring horns outdoors to your neighbor’s high-pitched voice, the level of noise experienced in a city can be maddening. Well, you are not alone. City apartment dwellers have become...

Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles – UPDATED 2021 – Top 5 Best

Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles – UPDATED 2021 – Top 5 Best

Top 5 Best Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles – UPDATED 2021 So, you’re thinking about getting acoustic ceiling tiles but you’re not really sure about what to do. Don’t worry, you’re just one of many people who don’t really know much about acoustic ceilings so there’s nothing to be...

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