Rustic Decor Ideas

Rustic decor ideas, tips, tricks and helpful guides to make you make the most of your rustic home.

Rustic decor is timeless. The beauty and visually aesthetic combinations of neutral tones, materials and comfy furnishings make this decor style is loved by a lot of homeowners.

The warm ambient that it produce also become another reason why this decor style gained a lot of popularity. With a lot of wood elements combining with a touch of metal accent, producing a fresh looks and feels of a cozy farm in european countryside.

Although it's quite easy to make any room had a rustic touch and feels, but it's common that a lot of homeowner make a mistake that make their space not getting all of the benefits of rustic decor.

To help you avoid the same problems, our interior design team with years of experience had written some helpful guidelines that can help you create a perfect rustic decor for your home.

In addition, we also shared some of our rustic decor ideas that you can use to get inspired. Let's get started, here they are :

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Frequently Asked Question About Rustic Decor

What is Rustic Decor?

Rustic home decor is a design style that uses and highlight natural elements and materials that will resulting an aesthetic and beautiful spaces. The main characteristic of rustic decor is using a lot of wood, exposed bricks, many different frames, comfy furnishings, and soft neutral color palette.

Is Rustic Decor Outdate?

For some young generations – or millennials, rustic decor may seems outdate. But honestly, we believe that all decor style still can works great and it really depends on what results and effects do you want your spaces look like. Moreover, rustic decor style is timeless and keep evolving to adapt the current trend in interior design, and that’s the main reason why a lot of people still love this design style.

Furthermore, rustic style can bring a lot of benefits that can’t be achieved by other style. For example, rustic decor can make the space still looks attractive and interesting for a quite long time, while other decor style may looks boring after just a few months.

How to Mix Modern and Rustic Decor?

If you still want to use rustic style for your room but at the same time wanted to add a touch of modern style to it, here are some tips that you can follow to help you achieve this goals :

Use a lot of White

By using a lot of white elements, you can make any rustic space feels a bit more modern. The best way to incorporate white into any rustic room is by using the walls. And one of our favorite is painting an unfinished bricks walls using white, as it will make the walls feels modern yet still had some rustic looks.

Use Fine Wood Instead of Distressed Rustic Wood

Another approach that you can use is by using fine finished wood instead of any rustic distressed wood. This will help make your rustic space feel a bit more modern. However, your space will lose some of it’s artistic rustic vibe.

Use Modern Design Furniture

One of the most important concept when creating a rustic space is by using a lot of rustic style furniture or decoration items. Thankfully, today there are a lot of manufacturer that designed furniture with modern design and style but had a rustic finishes, and you can make use of this kind of furniture to blend a rustic vibe with modern touch. For example, you can use a coffee table with modern and sleek design, but using distressed wood and metal finishes.

Use a lot of Clean and Sharp Lines

Another great ways to incorporate modern style into rustic decor is by using a lot of sleek, clean and sharp lines and edges. This can be applied not only to the furniture and decor items, but also you can apply to the trim, molding and frames. To get a perfect results, combining the sharp and sleek lines with rustic wood.

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