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Shelves ideas, buying guides and reviews. Don't buy any shelves before read this article.

In today's decor trends, shelves is a popular multi-functional items that can bring a lot of benefits beyond it's main function as a storage space.

This can be achieved thank's to the product designers who challenge the status quo and crafted beautifully designed shelves that not only works to solve lack of storage problem, but also can be used as a gorgeous decorative addition.

There are many different kind of shelves is available today, from wall mounting shelves to standing corner shelves. While floating wall shelves is perfect for a small rooms, standing shelves is better for you who really need a lot of additional space to organize lot of your items.

Shelves also come with different style and colors. Matching the shelves with your current decor style and color pallete can be very crucial in order to achieve the perfect visual appearance.

To help you find the right shelves, we write some honest reviews based on our experience using shelves in our interior design projects. We also create some tips, tricks and buying guides that surely would be very helpful for anyone who are planning to buy ones. And here they are :

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What Color Shelves Goes with Gray Wall?

What Color Shelves Goes with Gray Wall?

The varying shades of gray are a favorite color palette for homeowners who want to create a modern and dramatic space. The neutral hues work well with contrasting colors and can effectively highlight furniture and d├ęcor. One of the most common wall elements to grace the surrounding walls are...

10 Best Floating Shelves for Heavy Items

10 Best Floating Shelves for Heavy Items

Usually, floating shelves are used to hold or display any lightweight objects, such as picture frames, accessories or small decoration items. But sometimes under certain conditions, you need to put any heavy items above it such as a vases, cookwares or any heavy items. Unfortunately, most...

How to Decorate a Corner Shelf – 10 Unique Ideas

How to Decorate a Corner Shelf – 10 Unique Ideas

Corner is one part of the home that is often forgotten when homeowners decorate their homes. In fact, decorating this small part of your home can bring a big impact on the entire room decoration. There are a lot of different ways to decorate an empty corner, and one of the most popular way is by...

10 Best Round Wall Shelves

10 Best Round Wall Shelves

Today, simple and minimalist wall shelves are the most popular wall shelves that used by a lot of homeowner in their home. Sometimes, we feel bored when seeing a room with the same or similar minimalist wall shelves when visiting our friends or relatives, do you feel the same? If you want...

10 Best Farmhouse Floating Shelves

10 Best Farmhouse Floating Shelves

Today, floating shelves isn’t only a piece of item to store and organize any of your items, it’s much more beyond it. This small item can be used to decorate any empty walls to make it much more attractive and interesting. This multi-functional feature make this item gain a lot of...

10 Rustic Corner Shelf Ideas

10 Rustic Corner Shelf Ideas

Corner is one of the most difficult areas inside a home to manage, arrange or maximize its function. One of the simple tricks and solutions for utilizing this area is to use corner shelves. By using a corner shelf, you can turn this spaces to become more useful by becoming a storage area for...

The 15 Best Floating Shelves in 2021

The 15 Best Floating Shelves in 2021

Our interior design team has made hundreds of different room interior designs, and from hundreds of these designs, we have also used dozens of different types of floating shelves. In this article, we selected the 15 best floating shelves in our experience that we have used, and we will share them in...

Frequently Asked Questions About Shelves

How to Decorate Shelves

A shelves can be a great extra spaces not only as an additional storage, but also can bring more spot that you can explore and decorate to bring more personal touch into your space. Here are some ideas on how you can decorate your shelves to make it looks amazing :

Showcase Your Favorite Collectibles

Instead of keeping your favorite collections or collectibles hidden inside your cabinet, why not show off them on your shelves. This way, not only you can be proud of them while the visitors see it, it also will make the space looks unique and more personal.

Floating Garden

If you want to add some green, fresh and natural looks into your space, than you can make use of your shelves to do this job. By putting some artificial plants above your wall shelves, you can easily create your own floating garden. To get a perfect results, combining different kind of plants, flowers and vines in a random arrangement to make it looks natural.

Story Board

Another great ideas to decorate your shelves is by using them as a story board where you put some of your family pictures frame there and group them in different shelf. For example, use one shelf to display all of your traveling photos, while other shelf used to show off the photos of your wedding days. This way, any visitor or family members can see them and can easily following the journey of your life just by seeing the shelves.

Around The World

If you love travelling, than you can decorate your shelves using the souvenirs from all of the country that you had visited. Showcase them in your shelves not only will make your space feels rich with the combinations of various items with different style, but it can also shows to your visitor that you have travelled all around the world!

How High to Hang Wall Floating Shelves?

Determining a perfect height to hang a wall shelves should consider two different aspect. First, you need to consider it’s main functionality as a storage space, so it must easy to reach. Secondly, you should consider it from the decorative point of view, so, as any other wall decoration items, it should be placed within our eye level. Thus, considering those two factors, the perfect ideal high for any wall shelves is around 4 to 6 feet above the floor.

How to Arrange Multiple Floating Shelf?

If you bought or created a set of wall shelves with separate shelf, arrange them in the wall sometimes can be a quite challenging where you should be use all of your own creativity and imagination to set up the perfect layout that will perfectly suit your space. And here are some basic ideas that you can use as a guidelines to arrange multiple shelf to get the best results :

Symmetrical Arrangement

If you want to create a clean, structured looks, then the symmetrical layout is the best choice for you. In this arrangement, you put those shelf in the same height and line them up horizontally, or you can also stack them vertically.

Asymmetrical Arrangement

In this arrangement, you can hang those set of shelves randomly as you want to create a more creative and artistic looks. One important thing you should pay attention if you are choosing this approach is to make sure they still looks like one group or set of shelves, thus, avoid placing ones too far from the others. And one of our favorite tricks to keep them together is by creating some overlap between the shelf.

Our Favorite Minimalist Floating Shelves

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